Sheridan Morley





12/5/1941 , Ascot, Berkshire, UK

Birth Name

Sheridan Robert Morley




The son of actor Robert Morley, Sheridan Morley tried to be a very similar sort of personality, but in the worlds of journalism and television presenting, not acting. (He did turn actor very late in his life, in a small recurring role in "Judge John Deed"). However, as he conceded himself, he just wasn't flamboyant or witty enough, and he never escaped his father's shadow; they were somewhat estranged at the time of Robert Morley's death in 1992, though this was chiefly because of his divorce, after 25 years, from his first wife Margaret (Robert's biographer, to whom he was very close). Sheridan Morley was a regular on British radio, presented TV programmes about the cinema (about which he seemed to have little knowledge), and was a frequent interviewee on programmes on theatrical subjects. He wrote many biographies, although he was notorious for writing them too quickly and for not checking his facts with sufficient care; he said more than once that a "good story" was worth printing, even if it wasn't true. He did some directing in the theatre.