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    • "I drink a lot of lager, but Janet wants to settle down, and that's not me. I like to be young, free and single. She's quite a sweet girl, but I'm a bit of a rebel. As for biscuits, I love eating! I've added chocolate spread to one of the things Janet loves!"

    • "I often flash my boobs. My friends are so used to seeing them they tell me to put them away. I'm not as bad as Ralf. He's always getting his arse out - even when he's not drunk!"

    • "Kathy Burke has been a real inspiration. I think she's brilliant. I like the fact she doesn't care what she looks like on TV and just gets really into character. Obviously, she can do drama as well, but it's her comedy I love. Like when she plays Perry."

    • "I get really nervous before recording and I start biting my nails. But once I'm out there, I love it. Seeing the enjoyment on people's faces is brilliant."