Sherilyn Fenn





2/1/1965 , Detroit, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Sheryl Ann Fenn




An underused actress with a mixed resume of modern classics and disastrous flops. Best known for her vulnerable vamp Audrey Horne, a supporting role in the David Lynch/Mark Frost television series "Twin Peaks" from 1990-1991.

Fenn became unreasonably notorious as the replacement for Kim Basinger in Jennifer Lynch's film "Boxing Helena," when Basinger quit the film amid a much-publicized lawsuit.

Recent casting of Sherilyn Fenn can best be described as 'relagated' to tv movie roles of little or no quality. Despite her talents, and her early work on an exceptional television program, Fenn's latest projects have typified the sort of low-budget absurdity which makes 'made for tv' a euphemism for schlock. The Animal Planet movie "Scent of Danger," where she portrays an FBI agent teamed with a rescue dog to hunt serial killers, is downright insulting. Its extensive inaccuracies are worth emphasizing only because of the context in which the movie was broadcast. It was meant to be a serious 'message picture,' entertaining and informing the public about the value of working dogs.

Fenn is miscast in the extreme. The story's depiction of a lovable stray dog rapidly converted into an FBI sleuth grossly misrepresents the extensive training any working dog requires before working in search and rescue. Fenn looks physically uncomfortable in the role. Her performance is (though not as much a culprit as the substandard script) a terrible representation of canine law enforcement personnel. An internet search for "Scent of Danger" rapidly demonstrates that hundreds of people who actually work with dogs despised the movie, making it much worse than merely forgettable. Fenn's involvement is unfortunate. The project was deeply flawed in every way.

So consistently miscast, her career now appears either random or desparate. Most of her recent work has been yeoman class and pedestrain. Not to criticize Fenn unduly, but the best that can be said for many of her roles in the past five years, is that the entire movie was deeply flawed on a level of basic incompetance.