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    • Sherilyn: My acting has always been about doing things that I can grow from, that say something, or should be heard.

    • Sherilyn: After I had my son, I found life much funnier and brighter.

    • Sherilyn: (on her favourite role) I think Twin Peaks, I really loved Twin Peaks. She blossomed in a way that I never knew, and nobody knew, was going to happen. Because she was a very inconsequential character to begin with. Nobody knew that would happen. She just took on this life of her own, and she was such a brat. It was fun. It's fun to watch that.

    • Sherilyn: (why she never followed her family into music) My grandpa - their father - would always ask, 'What instrument do you hear when you listen to music?' I'm like, 'All of it!' He's like, 'Well... then you're a singer!' And I love to dance. But I don't like being up in front of tons of people. I didn't have that in me to do it, the desire to be performing in front of a lot of people. If there's a lot of people on a set, I get nervous. So it just wasn't something I ever seriously considered.

    • Sherilyn: (on her guest appearances on Cheers and Friends) Cheers was frightening, because I was like 19, and I think I had two lines. This big, live audience: I was so afraid, it was awful. But Friends was recently, Friends was a couple of months ago. It was fun, but I came out with the feeling that I'm just not a sitcom actress. (Laughs). You say a line and you wait for them to laugh, then you say another line and you wait... It felt weird to me. But it's interesting and the energy is almost like theatre, I suppose, with all the people there. Matthew Perry was darling and really funny. All my scenes were with Matthew, basically, so it was fun. I like the show. I was happy to be part of it.

    • Sherilyn: (on her Twin Peaks role) It still makes me feel kind of proud and special to be part of something like that.

    • Sherilyn: I was told once that I didn't play the Hollywood game, and that's why I wasn't a big star. What they meant when they said that was that I don't go to parties, and when I go to an audition and I don't like the script, they know it. I don't flirt and I don't play the people that I'm meeting with. In the next breath, this person said to me, 'When you're passionate about a role, there's nobody that can touch you, but you have to learn to do this also...' But I don't know how to sit there and pretend I love something when I don't!

    • Sherilyn: I'm honest. I say what I feel. I try to be tactful, but I can't not say what I feel. I have a really big problem with that.

    • Sherilyn: I've never wanted to do the same thing twice. If a script doesn't surprise me in some way, I simply can't commit to the project.

    • Sherilyn: Women do feel like they're in a box. Society, Hollywood, some men... they want to wrap women up in a neat little package.