Sherrie Hewson

Sherrie Hewson


9/17/1950, Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire, England

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Sherri Hewson
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  • Birthday Greetings

    Dear Sherrie,

    Birthday Greetings for today.

    I celebrated my Birthday yesterday, so we are a "rare" breed and have our friends completely baffled by us. Having watched "Loose Women" for years and knowing Denise and her parents for years I feel able to write to you with confidence.

    I share so many of your peculiar great loves, my obsession with babies and animals, my love of "peas", my ability to get into a muddle , but always come out well in the end, my serious love of the Theatre, Tv etc. the fact that my husband left me, for another woman, twenty years ago and i have survived etc. etc.

    Every success to you in the future, I sincerely hope that Mr Right comes into your life soon, you deserve to find happiness. Looking forward to seeing you in the new series of" Loose Women" for many weeks to come. Have a lovely day with your little family, Love and very best wishes Thelma Miller xxmoreless