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Sherry Lynn

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Roberta Kim, Katie Ashley
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Sherry Lynn is an actress who has done voice acting in many children's television programs and animated films. She is also the voice of Sasami and Kiyone in the Tenchi Muyo anime. She works mostly from the Los Angeles area.


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    • Sherry has voiced in many Disney animated films although they have been in supporting roles. The list includes: A Bug's Life, Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast and Belle's Enchanted Christmas, Kingdom of the Sun, Hercules, Hunchback of Notre Dame, 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid.

    • Sherry Lynn is an American actor who is known for voicing females or small children in animated programs. Her voice hasbeen used in many shows such as Ice Age 2, and Hack.

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  • Very good

    She has such a cute voice and i think she's good as Sasami, Kiyone, and Tsunami. Sasami sounds nothing like the two them except for a younger voice of Tsunami. While Kiyone and tsunami do sound a lot a like but she does a good job by making Tsunami the peaceful ruler she is, while making Kiyone the unpleased employee she is. But that's okay, she really brings out the attitude in her characters, for example: Sasami is a cheery, sweet happy girl and i think Sherry makes Sasami that by bringing out the voice in her. Making her giggle so happily and enthusiastically, while making the often annoyed Kiyone exactly how she is when she's around clumsy Mihoshi. I think dubbing an anime or any exported cartoons of any country is hard, but Sherry is an exact expert on it and she pulls it off really well. Not only matching the character's personality, but adding that special emotional range they have.moreless