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  • The great doctor of ER: Susan Lewis, the most missed person on TV for me...

    Guiding Light, the first, which I am sorry that I wasn`t even aware of the show till it was too late... NYPD, not a very big role, though... And finally the show that made her Dr.Susan Lewis of the TV: ER!!!
    From the first episode of ER, Susan Lewis became my favourite TV persona ever. I always thought, when she left , this show isn`t going to be the way it used to be and it wasn`t for me for a long while,too. When the show got more interesting again and I was starting to forget about our dearest doctor, she came back! That was nice to be able to have new episodes including her and everytime she smiled I was remembering why I admired her so much...
    And then she signed out, once more... The main thing is, they didn`t even gave her a goodbye episode. Like Abby said, she left, \"just like that\".
    I`m still hoping to have her back on the show and know that it won`t happen, all I want is a new show that icludes Sherry Stringfield!!! Is that too much to ask for?
  • Sherry is awesome!

    I think that Sherry Stringfield is one of the best actresses I have ever seen in my enitire life! She is an insperation to all actresses out there like myself. The more I watch her and the more I read about her the more I \"fall in love\" with her work. She is absolutly georgous and I hope that one day I would get the chance to work with her. That would be a dream come true. Her work on ER is outsatanding! I can honestly say that when I watch her I feel what her character is feeling. To be able to pull that off is AMAZING! She is one of a kind and if I turn out to be half of the actresss that she is I\'ll be very satisfied.
  • The best character in ER history is on her way out ... again

    The best character in ER history is on her way out ... again. Sherry actually left the show in the middle of Season 3 and returned at the beginning for Season 8. Dr. Susan Lewis remains a fan favourite (certainly mine) of ER and with her out the door again (along with Noah Wyle), ER will certainly be different.

    But can you blame her for wanting to leave? Over Season 11, Sherry was ridiculously underused. This fantastic actress never got her chance to shine over the past season. However, I can see Sherry go onto great things (for some reason, I imagine her on 24) and I wish her the very best of luck on where she goes from here.