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  • The great doctor of ER: Susan Lewis, the most missed person on TV for me...

    Guiding Light, the first, which I am sorry that I wasn`t even aware of the show till it was too late... NYPD, not a very big role, though... And finally the show that made her Dr.Susan Lewis of the TV: ER!!!
    From the first episode of ER, Susan Lewis became my favourite TV persona ever. I always thought, when she left , this show isn`t going to be the way it used to be and it wasn`t for me for a long while,too. When the show got more interesting again and I was starting to forget about our dearest doctor, she came back! That was nice to be able to have new episodes including her and everytime she smiled I was remembering why I admired her so much...
    And then she signed out, once more... The main thing is, they didn`t even gave her a goodbye episode. Like Abby said, she left, \"just like that\".
    I`m still hoping to have her back on the show and know that it won`t happen, all I want is a new show that icludes Sherry Stringfield!!! Is that too much to ask for?