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  • Underated

    I've made it a point to see as much of her work as possible. She is a phenomenal actress, very intense.
  • Sheryl Lee, one great actess. She recently guest - starred in Onee Tree Hill. That is the only place I have ever seen her act but she was great. The way she played the 'rebel' mom was really great. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

    Sheryl Lee was great actress on One Tree Hill. She played Ellie Harp, Peton\'s birth mom. I wish she was in more episodes. Every time a episode aired I check to see if she was in it. The way she played the different mom was great. One second she would have to be mad and the next second she would have to be sad and cry, it was amazing how well, she went back and forth. The recent episode she did, the way she had to act like she was dieing, I think the hardest acting in the world is not saying any lines and it all goes how body movement, she did a grest job. She is a great actess.
  • A breath of fresh air.

    I got to know Sheryl Lee in the series finale of 'L.A Doctors.' I never knew her from the 'Twin Peaks' days because I didn't get to watch the series. I fell in love with her instantly. She is a very fierce actress, with a very powerful dramatic range and gave a heartbreaking performance.

    I then recoznized her as Peyton's mother in 'One Tree Hill' and, once again, was amazed by her performance. So I gave in and decided to buy the first season of 'Twin Peaks' and became her number one fan. I admire her for not becoming another Hollywood victim and making a very discrete but respectful career in movies and television. She will always remain a legend to most people who watched 'Twin Peaks.' She is not only an amazing talent actress but an incredibly beautiful person inside and out.

    She is now one of my favorite actress.