Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood



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Sheryl Underwood



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Sherie Underwood, Sheryl
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One of the boldest and most brazen women in comedy is Sheryl Underwood. She dares to say what people really want to do; discussing sex, politics, current events, relationships, and bringing adult conversation to the stage like a tent revival meeting. Her show elicits bold testimonials from even…more


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    • Sheryl Underwood: (on giving back) I want to show people that you can be the best citizen of the world, doing something that you love and be successful... ...If you add to that a simple greeting like 'Good Morning!' and a 'How are you?' it's amazing what will be paid forward.

    • Sheryl Underwood: (on being the 23rd International President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated) I am honored that my beloved sisterhood elected me as their 23rd International President,... ...Through my New Beginnings for Every Generations plan of action, members of Zeta will enter into a new era of public service by strengthening our sisterhood, building on our Sorority's national service initiative Z-HOPE: Zetas Helping Other People to Excel and preparing the next generation of service leaders.

    • Sheryl Underwood: (On Lawrence J. Turner) Larry and I have been together for a very long time. He is there at every turn and is, and has been, a major influence in my life and career. He is my advisor, my business manager, my lawyer and the voice of reason that I need.

    • Sheryl Underwood: Right now, there are not too many parts for female comedians. The best thing about being on Comic View is that your name is out there. I would like to be in a video though. I'd love to be in a David Banner or T.I. video. I'd love to be the girl at home that they don't ever see.

    • Sheryl Underwood: I would call myself a sexually progressive, God-fearing, black Republican.

    • Sheryl Underwood: I know that people do not like the president. I love the president. He's my favorite. And black folk I don't know why we don't love the president. He the only president that sent us $300. And said, "Hurry up, cash them checks 'fore they figure out I ain't got $300 to be sendin' y'all."

    • Sheryl Underwood: Blacks were originally Republicans. The black community has decided to be myopic in their political point of view, and the problem with this is that means our voice is not heard in every aspect of the political process.

  • A beautiful woman

    Sheryl, you are simply BEAUTIFUL!! Hope I made your day!!
  • you made me feel okay!!!!!!

    Sheryl I am a 35 year old woman that due to my health and the meds that I take forces me to wear wigs. I have always been so self conscious and embarrassed , however seeing you in your different wigs all the time made me feel " okay" and I thank you for that. I know now that they are just hating on me because I can go long to short or spikey to curls from work to THANKYOU you really helped memoreless