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  • I want more of you!

    Sheryl, I watched the Talk every day for many years, but I got tired of Sharon always being the first one to talk after Julie, so I stopped watching. Then I started watching again and Sharon was off because of health problems. I was so happy, not because Sharon was sick, but because she wasn't there taking over the show. I will tune in again, but if Sharon keeps taking over, I will stop.
  • Brilliant !

    Miss Underwood , you killed it today with your rendition of Prince . Love you from Savannah Ga.
  • Love you!

    I watch this show absolutely whenever possible. However, I missed the show that said why you are no longer wearing your beautiful wigs. I turned in just to see which one you were wearing that day. I do miss

    Them so. I know you can do as you wish but your hair is not attractive as you are wearing it now. I love you and I love the show. Friends are not afraid to tell friends the truth.
  • 2016 Grammy Nominees

    The Grammy awards are about great movies currently being made - why on earth do you have to analyze it to the race card. These are great your old fashion-ism keeps racial division active. Kids now days learn the racial division from people like you who refuse to become one. Why can't we just say that was a great show, other than 'not enough black people involved'. You perpetuate the learn from you and your old fashion attitude keep us from becoming one! Get it together, it's new generation wants to become one great nation, and parents try so hard to teach their kids out of the history books and welcome a new attitude in 2016.

  • Dress for success

    I am a big fan of the show but I like you the most, you make the show funny and entertaining. I also like the dresses you have been wearing lately, you look good! (I'm a Joan Ranger so I always watch what you all wear).
  • Not so funny

    Sheryl, what you said about Giuliana today was a disgrace, You are one of my favorites but mentioning she can't have a baby and her skeleton frame was disgusting, what makes what you said alright and what she said so bad. .At least she apologized, you were absolutely appalling. remember, those ugly dread locks can be changed, Giuliana's personal problems can't be, " shame on you"!!
  • Giuliana

    Today you said that the best thing would be for Giuliana to apologize. I guess you missed this 2015242. This in fact sounds like a sincere apology. You said you crossed the line and apologized and so did she
  • comedy

    I love Sheryl's humor and watch he show for her opinions. I wish someone would make a difference when speaking of a Dad or potential dad. Just because a man fathered a child does not make him a DAD. The person has a father, but a DAD is who raised him.
  • Hot flashes

    I saw on today's episode that you take Hormone replacement therapy. Please let me know what is working for you, seeing as I have horrible hot flashes and mood swings. Been to the doctor and they want to put me on anti-depressants, which I really don't want to take because I am not depressed. Just want relief from the hot flashes.
  • A beautiful woman

    Sheryl, you are simply BEAUTIFUL!! Hope I made your day!!
  • you made me feel okay!!!!!!

    Sheryl I am a 35 year old woman that due to my health and the meds that I take forces me to wear wigs. I have always been so self conscious and embarrassed , however seeing you in your different wigs all the time made me feel " okay" and I thank you for that. I know now that they are just hating on me because I can go long to short or spikey to curls from work to THANKYOU you really helped me
  • what to come get in your closet

    You are all ways dress so cute, and those wigs please invite me to come shopping at your home, I hope I can wear the shoes to. I love the talk because you all do not act like you are better than anybody, you are so down to earth, you all show so much love, compassion and friendship no matter what one may feel, you all feel what that person is feeling. so real to a family life.
  • You go Sheryl!!!!

    the show on 7/19/2013 you were great! I love you. You tell it like it is and you are so funny. "kiss my paycheck" OMG that was funny. love, Barb from Milwaukee you like myself are big and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So right

    Sheryl was dead on with her comments about the Zimmerman trail, air date 7/16. Thank you
  • Sheryl Underwood

    I just love Sheryl... She is funny and very honest in her response. She makes a sad day happy. Please Be ever wonderful stay as you are a earth wind and fire song , you are that person. I so wish to meet her or see her in person, but I cant travel these days.

    trudy w. houston tx

  • the best medicine- Sheryl!

    Watching the Talk gives me a chance to put aside any concerns/problems and laugh! Sheryl is a genius! She does not seem to have a false bone in her is sacred. I appreciate her gifts greatly.

    All the women are wonderful and each adds something delightful. I would love to meet them over a cup of coffee. Come over to my house; I'm a good cook.

    Only one issue - why must people stand up for you and guests. I think it implies that you are more important than other people. too many shows do this. Thanks for a chance to share my thoughts. Lydia
  • So real!

    Sheryl you are so real, I do hope you are the same in real life. You make me believe in people again.
  • Is it really "love" for the Homosexuals????

    Sheryl - I am so disappointed about you quoting scripture. You quote just enough to make innocent people think you are spiritual. But, in actuality, you use just enough to mislead them. Regarding homosexuality (april 4 show) - why did you not share 1Cor. 6:9,10? It clearly says homosexuals (and all the other sins you wanted listed) will not enter heaven. The public says it is a hate crime to not accept this life style. But I say it is a hate crime to send people to hell when the Bible clearly states homosexuals will not be in heaven. Please - be loving and tell the truth if you are going to speak from the scriptures. The truth shall set people free!!!!!!!!
  • Sheryl

    Sheryl, you have me laughing every time I watch The Talk, even on those days that I feel in a frump. You are a HOOT!!
  • sherl

    you are so funny and love your bubbly attitude! Stay on show
  • sheryl

    sheryl you are an asshole andu ruin the show
  • the talk

  • Beautiful sweater

    You had on a beautiful sweater last week or the week before. It was black with gold horizontal stripes. Iwas wondering where you got it !! I truly loved it.
  • Do your Thang!

    Having you on the show was the best way to go. It's more enjoyable and you are hilarious. Keep up the good work!!
  • great talk show ever

    I really love the show look forward everyday to watching all of you , you gals make me laugh everyday , sheryl really love you , you are awesome , I would love to get 1 of your coffee cups , so i could enjoy my coffee while watching The Talk
  • I really enjoy watching you on the show.

    You are so funny. I got laid off after over 22 yrs. This has been sad for me but watching your show, you make me laugh and feel so good for hours later . You are awesome!!
  • Happy Birthday..Miss Sheryl

    I 'm so Happy seeing you on the show, Miss. Sheryl..your are so funny and your made my day ... .LOVE YOU. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU<3
  • A clever title goes here!

    I just love seeing you on the are so funny. Love it. :)
  • What was the View thinking

    I'm blown away when I see you on the view. What was the View thinking when they hired you? I'm so tired of you acting like every man that's on the show is your heart throb, it's annoying. Stick to comedy, show co-hosting is not your thing.