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  • From the Disney Channel show "Even Stevens" to becoming a movie actor


    Shia Labeouf is definitely one of those actors that isn't snobbish or anything like that. He has grown up a lot in the past and his voice has definitely changed big time. Only reason my score is a little low because he can get a little annoying sometimes but that was mainly when he worked on the show "Even Stevens". Don't me wrong, he made me laugh hard most of the time on "Even Stevens" but I just think he's a little annoying. He also got a little annoying in "Holes". The rest of his movies are just excellent and he wasn't been annoying in them. I gotta be honest, I didn't know Shia Labeouf could make it this big in the future. Think about it, he went from working on the Disney Channel show "Even Stevens" to becoming a movie actor and doing movies such as "Holes", "Transformers", "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" and more. This actor just has impressive acting and he definitely manages to work very well in action, comedy, and drama. Look at his acting in "Eagle Eye", oh my gosh.... he was just so terrific in "Eagle Eye" and he can sure really act. I don't if this dude took an acting school or anything but he is very good. I definitely think he become bigger with his future now and I look forward to seeing what more things will happen in the future. Overall, Shia Labeouf is just a talented actor that really knows bring in the emotions and bring in the laughs. 9.5/10

  • So Talented!!!

    Shia Labeouf is without a doubt one of the most talented actors in the world right now. Able to deliver both comic and dramatic performances.
    From his early roles in Even Stevens and Holes he should great acting ability which no doubt contributed to where he is today. I actually first saw him in an episode of ER in 2000 when he was only 14 and even then he able to deliver an awesome performance as a young boy knowing he could not be cured of his condition. The moment i first saw him in this role i knew there was something special about him.
    With roles in Disturbia, Eagle Eye, Bobby, Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal skull and Transformers he is definitley one of the most in demand actors in the world and in my opinion its obvious why, sheer talent.
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    one of the best up and coming A-list actors of this generation. can mix original comedy, drama, action, and fun to create some of the best movies. simply a natural in the showbiz
  • Talented but has off-screen issues!

    Think that Shia is a talented and marvellous actor that can really seem to do it all. He can do comedy like Even Stephens and Saturday Night Live. As well as do drama like Disturbia and other dramatic movies. Also he does action films like the Transoformer films and the recent Indiana Jones movie. He has the looks and the talent to be the next generation's Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite having a few off-screen issues. Involving his drinking and the recent car accident, for which he got out alive and despite a few broken bones. Just needs to not work on his acting but work on his off-screen issues. That could doom him in.
  • Shia LeBeouf: the next megastar of his generation.

    There's always been something special and charming about this actor. He's a breath of fresh air, commanding a versatility and talent that eludes the bulk of the young actors nowadays in Hollywood. He keeps me riveted to the screen in whichever movie he's in (no matter how dull or lackluster the movie actually is), which is probably a testament to his tremendous screen prescence. Because of this, I truly believe he'll be the next Robert Deniro or Al Pacino of his generation; an oscar is most certainly in line waiting for him and I'd be surprised if he never gets one.
  • Shia is cool but sometimes....

    ..yes sometimes, like in the Holes commentary he was a little obnoxious. But he was a teenager in there and all teenagers can be obnoxious. I liked his Holes performance. I really enjoy that movie. Especially two of the actors in there. Really cute. (Max and Khleo) Apparently Shia didn't shower for three days on the Even Stevens movie but thats not bad. You can smell fine for that long. I shower every day though. I like Shia in Disturbia, Holes, Indiana Jones and his Saturday Night Live performances. I like Shia but yes sometimes he can be annoying. I hope to still see him in more films.
  • Talented.....and hot

    Shia is a very talented actor who just so happens to be in some of my favorite movies. He's talented because of the wide range of movies he's been in lately. For instance, there's Holes. That movie was really good! There he played the teen who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was sent to a camp where he spent that time helping his friend and trying to figure out a way to prove his innocence. Another good movie was Transformers. In this movie, he played the teen who tried to help some robots from outer space protect the universe by helping them find a cube. Transfomers is my favorite movie of his. It was an excellent story line with great humor, suspense, action, and adventure. Other good movies of his include: I Robot and Disturbia.
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    Shia is a fantastic actor, he brough humour to Transformers that i thought nobody could! he was also awesome in in Holes aswell, that was a good film, he is a talented actor, he can play any role that gets thrown at him, comedy, horror, thriller, action he is amixed bag and he is awesome, one of my favourites.
  • Good actor.

    Whether it's Robots in Disguise, or a next-door neighbor, Shia LaBeouf is a great actor. He is a great actor in Surf's Up as Cody, and in Transformers and Disturbia. Two words: Good actor. And good actor, makes good people, and good people makes good movie and good movie makes good popcorn and good stuff make good things make me happy. Well anyway, Shia LaBeouf is just an excellent actor. Yay Shia. They should give him a show, maybe Fart Guy (parody of Smart Guy). That cracks me up, well thats it. Go Shia, and go Transformers: In Disguise. I never knew there were in disguise!!!!??!??!
  • from the small screen as louis stevens to the big screen as many characters including this summer's hit transformers.

    shia labeouf is definitley a talented actor. he has appeared in many movies as well as tv shows. i know him as stanley yelnats from holes, sam witicky from transformers, and louis from even stevens. he has a really good sense of humor and he can definiley make you laugh. i really liked his performance in holes because he made it seem as if the movie was actually real. the one thing that really impresses me about shia is that he kinda hit a slump in his career for a while and then he came back and has made a huge effect on the movie industry and has become many kids movie heroes. overall a good actor.
  • Shia is awesome!

    Shia LaBeouf is awesome! He's very funny and he's an amazing actor! I saw him in Holes, Even Stevens, Tru Confessions, and in other stuff. In Holes, he played a boy named Stanley Yelnats aka Caveman. I love that movie and he's great in it. In Even Stevens, he plays a boy named Louis Stevens. I love that show and he's very funny and great in it. Tru Confessions is a Disney Channel Original Movie and he played Eddie Walker. I heard of Disturbia, but I didn't see it yet and he's in that movie. I saw commercials for the Greatest Game Ever Played, but I haven't seen that movie yet and he's in it, but I would like to see it soon because I have the DVD of it.
  • Shia is one of my all time favorites. One of the most talented actors of our generation. I grew up with him watching Even Stevens, and i thought he was the most talented person on that show, now he's proven that by making a name for himself now.

    Shia is one of my all time favorites. One of the most talented actors of our generation. I grew up with him watching Even Stevens, and i thought he was the most talented person on that show, now he's proven that by making a name for himself now. He is and always will be one of my favorite actors, and not only was he the most talented person on Even Stevens, but he is one of the most talented young actors out there, a lot better than say, Lindsey Lohan or that annoying girl, Hanna Montanna.
  • I think Shia LaBeouf deserves more recognition.

    I think Shia LaBeouf deserves more recognition. He is EXTREMELY talented and very attractive. He certainly deserves more credit on what he does. I think that he did a superb job in Disturbia and a superb job in every other movie he is in. Even Stevens rocks too! I wouldn't mind seeing Disturbia again. He is very funny at times and also serious at times-- and I like that. His curly hair is very cute. lol I think Shia LaBeouf is one of those rare natural-born stars... and I can't get enough of him. As I said before, he deserves more recognition.
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    I really think that he is a good actor. Unlike many "Disney actors" he has managed to do so much of other works, rather than just Disney, for example Constantine, Holes, Bobby, I, Robot. He has appeared in numerous roles without falling in the so-called Disney Curse, and I really admire him for trying out different things, something that most of Disney actors don't really do.
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    i liked him so much in "Even Stevens" and there was a movie about it and i don't know why it's not here it's name is "The Even Stevens Movie"
  • Very talented. Recognizable and unforgettable.

    He is an excellent actor , one of my all time favorites . He's been in many movies and lent his voice for the Movie " Nausicaa of the valley of the wind " and did a great job with it . He is so funny. I love watching him in any movie or television show . And I can not wait to see him more on the big screen of the theater ' s or on the screen in my living room . He is so recognizable and unforgettable , not to mention pretty cute . L O L .
  • Read this trust me its a pretty good review for a pretty cool out there guy!!!

    What can I say about Shia LaBeouf? I think that he is a very talented actor and lucky at that. He will be living the dream soon enough. He seems to be a very modest person. Not that I even know the guy or anything. He is very funny; in fact his appearance on MTV when singing karaoke was hilarious. He is a true entertainer! He is very blessed in being able to do what he wants. I think we will be seeing a lot from this young actor in the future. He will become the new it guy. I wish you all the best in your career and personal life Shia!
  • Shia is the hottest guy i have ever seen!!! he is dooo uniqueand wonderful. He is really a young tom hanks! if i could take a shot for one person it would totally be Shia!!! i hope that one day i w ill be able to meet him...someday i will

    i think shia is the hottest person that i have ever seen. when i first saw him in 2000, i thought he was adorable!!! the day that i meet him is the day that my dream is going to come true.Shia does a great job with khleo thompson....both of them are truly talented. if you don;t agreee with me you have some big problems. shia is totally improved from what he calls his greed for wanting to not be poor anymore. i would absolutely applaud to him if i could meet him in person. i think i will... after all, i live in LA too.!!!
  • ewww

    i have one word for ya: EW! for those of you who like Shia, you should listen to the holes commentary when you get the DVD. Shia is a rude and obnoxious pig! im surprized he could even get a girlfriend! in the even stevens movie he didnt shower for 3 days! talk about disgusting! EW!
  • Shia LaBeouf is a Natural Talent!

    Not many child actors can lay claim to #1] being truly talented and not just cute little mini-people that parrot what they're told to say and #2] transcend over into adulthood ... also as accomplished actors with true talent. However, this can be said for Shia LaBeouf.

    Only 19 years old and he already has a resume that can put many 30-year-old actors to shame! From TV to movies, to guest spots on the top Nighttime Talk Shows, to hosting shows himself, Shia has made an impressive rise to fame.

    With his latest movie (to be released in September 2005), "The Greatest Game Ever Played," Shia makes the transition to manhood official by playing a 20 year old Francis Ouimet the amateur golfer that won the US Open in 1913.

    While his base of fans is in the tween and teen age groups, Shia has also amassed a following in women in their 20s and up. Could be those huge green eyes, could be that winning smile, could be that commanding nose or those brown locks but if you ask me ... it's simply that everyone appreciates True Talent!

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  • Shia is cute in his own ways! He is a very funny guy! She should have been a bigger star. But I have faith in him that he will become a real celeb! Everytime u would ask him what's it like he says,"I let u know when I become one!"LOL

    Shia Shaide.....He may be too old for me but he got it goin' on!!!!He needs his own reality show also!!! Shia can be funny and serious with his work all at the same time! In the movie Holes h e played that part well! No one could have played it better.LOL! Labeouf,as an actor,is what you would call 'non resistant'! O f course I dont' know what that means but..hey you get my grip! But basically what I am sayin' is that he thinks he's not a celeb' yet but in my heart, to me, he is! Everyone knows him from Even Stevens, as a dorky little brother, but not me!