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  • From the Disney Channel show "Even Stevens" to becoming a movie actor


    Shia Labeouf is definitely one of those actors that isn't snobbish or anything like that. He has grown up a lot in the past and his voice has definitely changed big time. Only reason my score is a little low because he can get a little annoying sometimes but that was mainly when he worked on the show "Even Stevens". Don't me wrong, he made me laugh hard most of the time on "Even Stevens" but I just think he's a little annoying. He also got a little annoying in "Holes". The rest of his movies are just excellent and he wasn't been annoying in them. I gotta be honest, I didn't know Shia Labeouf could make it this big in the future. Think about it, he went from working on the Disney Channel show "Even Stevens" to becoming a movie actor and doing movies such as "Holes", "Transformers", "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" and more. This actor just has impressive acting and he definitely manages to work very well in action, comedy, and drama. Look at his acting in "Eagle Eye", oh my gosh.... he was just so terrific in "Eagle Eye" and he can sure really act. I don't if this dude took an acting school or anything but he is very good. I definitely think he become bigger with his future now and I look forward to seeing what more things will happen in the future. Overall, Shia Labeouf is just a talented actor that really knows bring in the emotions and bring in the laughs. 9.5/10