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  • Why did Shi Ann lose in Thailand? Nobody was used to asians and how they beahved? Why did Shi Ann Lose the 2nd time? She played it to slow.

    I'm an asian. And i totally agree with her.

    Its in our culture to eat every part of the chicken.

    ( me personally, i love sucking on the neck and feet of the chicken, rolling the bones around in my mouth until there is no meat left on the bones and then spitting the bones out)

    I was totally rooting for her during the show, even though her attitude needed a little working on.
  • I liked her a lot!

    I don't know why others don't like Shi-Ann because I
    Really liked her and found nothing wrong with her at
    All because I don't blamed her for not liking Jenna after
    The way Jenna treated her. If she and Jenna were to get
    Into a fight, I think Shi-Ann would drop Jenna like
    She was a ton of bricks. Loved it when she said
    People in glass houses shouldn't cast or throw stones as I
    Loved her speech on All-Star Survivor!
  • The Survivor who ate every single part of the chicken. But her ultimate downfall was her lack of dinner table etiquette. People couldn't believe that she ate with her hands. On Survivor. They expected her to eat with utensils?

    The "She Devil," as she used to call herself, was a delightful addition to both Survivor seasons in which she participated. She's the kind of person who was so clever, funny, and all-around wonderful that I found myself wanting to be best friends with her forever (aka BFF). I hope to see her on every installment of Survivor All-Star.