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  • Just amazing

    When I first saw him in Bleach as the shop owner Uhara Kiske I immdioetly fell in love with his voice. It had the perfect mixture of both Kiske's seriousness and his goofy playfulness that he shows to Ichigo and Rukia. Just replyingh with "YOU PASS" very happily after Ichigo almost died twice makes the watcher errupt in laughter and wonder how can he change his personality so quickly. Form a serious fighting voice to his jockigly t4easing voice that makes Ichigo mad. Their is definetly something hidden in his voice that makes the watcher wonder what is going to happen and what is he hidding under that smile.
  • One of the greatest seiyuu ever.

    There is always something about Miki Shinichirou.I just don't know what.But all I know is that he is one of the best talented Japanase voice actor ever.I had seen few of his works on DVD japanase verison.He is very talented.He is also the japanase voice actor of James and yet he is still an great actor.There is too much to offer from him.I enjoy him voicing as Yoji and others I forgot the rest.I do know the shows.In video games he is really talented liked in .hack//GU he voice as Kuhn and in the .hack//sign he voice as Crim.Now that is one cool guy.