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  • One of the greatest child stars of all time!

    Shirley Temple is and will always be the greatest child star of all time, she could do anything, sing, dance, act, you name it she could do it, and she started doing all of this at the age of three.

    Shirley made 18 great movies, of course I wasn't born when they where released, but after watching them with my mom, I found out that they aren't so bad for old movies, and I was blown away buy the talent of this little girl.

    Even though she is older now, and hasn't been in movies for years, Shirley Temple will always be remembered as the cute little girl that stole every body's hearts with her smile, voice, and bubbly personality.
  • I LOVE her! Seriously, how could you not?!

    She is THE ultimate child star. I'm blow away by this wunder-kid. I was never a huge fan until just recently when I read 1 biography and her own autobiography. Immediatley following that I went onto my parents account and rented every movie of hers I possibly could. My parents thought I was insane but regardless she is awsome! She is the youngest Oscar recipent ever (a "special" Oscar, mind you)at 6 years old and that's one record I can't see being broken. The only child star nowadays(or ever) that may give her a run for her money could be Dakota Fanning and even then...there will never be another Shirley Temple because she could do it all, sing dance and act, with uncanny talent.
  • Gosh! I love her movies!

    She's such a cool person! she knows how to dance,sing, and play! ah, I remeber her song "On a good ship lollypop, it's a sweet trip to the candy shop" Yeah! She has always been my favorte childhood star :), Yeah, I wish she was immortal so she could be in more other movies too! she's been my favorte childhood star. plus she's from Idaho.(like me!) I hope she's still alive!