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  • Trivia

    • As a child, Shirley idolized legendary female aviator Amelia Earhart. They even met at one point, before Earhart attempted her final flight around the world.

    • Shirley fell and broke her arm the week before her 80th birthday and was unable to attend any of the celebrations that were planned in her honor.

    • It's been reported that whenever Shirley's mother Gertrude wanted her to get focused on what she was doing, she would simply say "Shirley, sparkle!" and her daughter would go out and perform beautifully.

    • The only times that her children watched her movies (when they were young) was on their birthdays. She said that as each one got older though, they would ask her if they could go rollerskating instead of watching her films.

    • Got a lead role in Little Miss Marker even though she was originally turned down.

    • Her mother turned one of her curls into a "spit curl" when filming Stand Up and Cheer to hide a cut/bump on her forehead.

    • At age 4, she memorized the heat patterns of the various combinations of light beams so that she would move and stand exactly the same way during filming as she did during rehersals.

    • Needed to get stitches on her lower lip after tripping and smashing it on a table on her 3rd birthday.

    • She started taking dancing classes at Mrs. Meglin's Dance Studio when she was just barely 3 years old. At Mrs. Meglin's Dance Studio, Shirley learned not only tap dancing but also the strut, hornpipe, shuffle-off-to-Buffalo, waltz, clog, buck-and-wing, the Charleston, tango, and rhumba, as well as basic ballet positions.

    • Her earliest memory is a ride in a wicker baby carriage when she was old enough to sit, but not yet old enough to stand.

    • She received the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement award in 2006.

    • Her mother did her hair in pin curls for each movie... she always had EXACTLY 56 curls.

    • She was originally going to take the role of Dorothy in MGM's "The Wizard of Oz", but negotiations fell through between the two studios, so Judy Garland took the role instead. In an effort to make up for the loss, Fox Studios bought the rights to "The Blue Bird" (which had a similar plot) for Shirley. When "The Blue Bird" was released, it did not make enough money to cover the huge cost of filming and was considered as a failure at the time. However, the movie is considered a classic today.

    • She started acting at age 3 in a series of "Baby Burlesk" short films. Her mother made all of her costumes for the films.

  • Quotes

    • Shirley Temple Black: I still get precious letters from children. Many of them think that I'm still a little girl!