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    • Shmuley Boteach: You can't be a good parent without being a good spouse.

    • Shmuley Boteach: Ten percent of life is what happens; the other 90 percent is what you do about it.

    • Shmuley Boteach: Many of us parent out of fear - fear of alienating our kids, fear of making the wrong choice - but fear never leads to the right destination.

    • Shmuley Boteach: You cannot fix your children without also fixing yourself.

    • Shmuley Boteach: There is enough uncontrollable pain in life without us unnecessarily adding self-inflicted wounds.

    • Shmuley Boteach: The hero is not the man who conquers the world, but who conquers his own passions.

    • Shmuley Boteach: We dare never parent out of fear. Fear is a hysterical reaction to an imagined threat, while caution is a calculated response to a real danger.

    • Shmuley Boteach: A parent's bedroom is not a family sitting room or family dormitory. Children should never sleep in their parents' bedroom. If you need to hire a security guard to make your bedroom into Fort Knox, that is still better than allowing your role as parent to conflict with your role as lover to your spouse.

    • Shmuley Boteach: The rule of relationships is this: We all want to be wanted, need to be needed, desire to be desired. Demonstrating a dependency on the object of your love is the golden rule of relationships.

    • Shmuley Boteach: Your marriage is not a facet of your life. It is your life. It is not a detail of your happiness, but its source and greatest blessing. Swallow your pride. Go back to the person to whom you once committed your life and exert the energy to make the marriage work again. By doing so you will have the satisfaction of knowing, not only that you never stopped climbing – that you never quit – but rather that you never climbed alone.

    • Shmuley Boteach: It's your kid's job to resist. It's your job to impose your will.

    • Shmuley Boteach: Shalom in the home, domestic tranquility, is the ultimate blessing. The man who has a woman who believes in him is impregnable and invincible. Nothing in life can hurt him because he has peace at this center.

    • Shmuley Boteach: The greatest gift a man & a woman can give to their children is the gift of loving each other.

    • Shmuley Boteach: You can't be a good parent without being a good spouse.