Sho Funaki

Sho Funaki


8/24/1968, Tokyo Japan

Birth Name

Shoichi Funaki



Also Known As

Sho Funaki, Funaki, Kung Fu Naki
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Shoichi Funaki made his Professional Debut in 1990, Wrestling all over Japan and winning TWA Championship, After that he when on to win the UWA Middleweight Championship, After that he came to America to wrestled in the indy seens Before making his WWE debut in 1998 and has…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Funaki never made it big in the WWE not even winning the Tag Team or Intercontinental championship. But He Was still a very talneted Cruiserweight

    Sympathy goes out to Funaki in my opinion He's is someone whose been wrestling longer than The Rock but then one must consider how underused he is and how underrated he is. If the Cruiserweight division were still around it may be a different story for Funaki but sadly this is not the case and like Super Crazy Funaki is just someone who will maintain there jobber status in Wrestling forever. Back In Kai En Tai along with Taka Michinoku,Tajiri, and others Kai En Tai very well be one of the best Mid-Card stables in The WWE.regardless Funaki is very talented and deserves to be treated better in the WWE sadly i think his release may be coming very soonmoreless
  • He is pretty good, just boring is all.

    Funaki has been in the WWE for quite awhile now, and has never really been a dominant wrestler so to speak, but if he can build up and make a good gimmick I believe things can work for him. He should go to the cruserweight division and fight for the title.