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  • an idea for Shonda

    I love the show and your creativity! why not use the innovative focused ultrasound? see here 1KIHABp-OAK5NtBcGNA

    this would make for a great chapter!
  • Shonda is the bomb!

    Quality work with killer character development, Grey's, most of Private Practice and Scandal top notch.
  • Shonda Rocks!

    Grey's Anatomy is so totally innovative and creative. I admire the talent that Shonda Rhimes possesses. To me the woman is utterly ingenious to create such a show that exudes so much class and entertainment. It is amazing to me that the show is still funny, dramatic and fresh after all this time. I have yet to see a bad episode. All of the writers seem to have grasped the concept that Shonda intended for the show and have brought it along episode by episode without losing that conception. My hat is off to the actors and director as well.
  • I love this show!

    I was watching last night's episode(February 1), and couldn't believe it when I heard Callie's full name, specifically her middle name. I never thought in a million years I would hear Iphigenia used by anyone else. That is my middle name(I have the documentation to prove it). I used to feel the same way Callie feels until I was told what that name means and the history behind it.

    Thank you, Ms. Rhimes, for a wonderful show. Calliope Iphigenia Torres is my girl!

    Alicia Iphigenia (Richey) Frierson
  • I love Shonda Rhimes!

    Grey's Anatomy is my FAVORITE show, and thus how can I not love the person who created it. I wait for this show each week, and I am deeply moved after watching each episode. Shonda takes such a huge pride in her show and actually listens to what the fans say. She writes on the ABC writer's blog about what was going on behind the scenes and what she was thinking. There is also a FAQ section, where she answers all of our burning questions. I don't know of many other tv sites where the creator of a show does that. And then there are the spoilers, she doesn't let any of them out. I myself am a huge fan of spoilers, but somehow I appreciate the fact that she doesn't let things leak. I like tuning in each week, and being totally shocked and surprised by what happens.
    I also give her huge props for having a diverse cast. There is actually a black chief of staff on this show. Shonda Rhimes is awesome, and I love the fact that she is a huge tv fan herself and thus appreciates the people who love her show.