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Sianoa Smit-McPhee


2/12/1992, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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Sianoa Smit-McPhee (born February 1992 in Adelaide, South Australia) is an Australian actress. She showed an interest in performing at a young age and admired her father, who himself was an actor. She has had many roles in film, theatre, commercials and television, including the part of Charlie…more


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    • Sianoa: (on her friendships among the "Neighbours" cast) I'm very good friends with Eliza (Janae). When I first started we went on a holiday to Queensland together, which was cool. I get along really well with Nikki Whelan (who plays Pepper). We are very close. And Marissa, who played Summer, I got along really well with her. But really, I get along well with everyone, because everyone is so nice.

    • Sianoa: I get heaps of people coming up to me asking me if I'm a goth in real life! Then they ask me how I do school and work. The first question I am always asked, though is, "Are you on Neighbours?" This happens whenever I go out. I'm kind of just used to it now. When I first started I was like, "Ooh, this is weird."

    • Sianoa: (on moving to Melbourne) I loved living in Adelaide. It was cool. I moved over here when I was seven, because Dad started getting more acting roles. And he wrestles here as well. Most of those shows were over here, so that's why we came. He's been wrestling for ages. That's how he got into acting actually.

    • Sianoa: I've got three sisters and three brothers. The oldest is 30 and the youngest is one. We are close. I used to live in Adelaide, and they still live there, so every now and again we go over there.

    • Sianoa: Getting the role on Neighbours is one of the most exciting things to happen to me. It's very cool and my friends and family are excited too!

    • Sianoa: (on Ben Nicholas and Damien Bodie, who play her brothers on "Neighbours", leaving the show) I'm sad. It's going to be so different without them. Ben tap dances on set all the time, so we're going to miss that.

    • Sianoa: (her favourite "Neighbours" scene to film so far) That would probably be the spelling-bee ones. They were fun. But I'm not a very good speller in real life. Luckily, I had cue cards, so it was alright.

    • Sianoa: (on balancing school and "Neighbours") I have on-set tutoring and I go to school as well. I'm in year nine and it's really hard when we've got exams, because I don't have time to study for them. Sometimes I get picked up from school and come to work all day. Then, if I have days off, I'll go to school for the whole day.

    • Sianoa: (on her acting family) My dad is an actor. He was recently in Wolf Creek, and he's just finished a film called The Condemned with (wrestler) Stone Cold Steve Austin in it, and Vinnie Jones. He's also been in Neighbours; he played the prison guard when Stingray and Dylan went to jail. It was really weird, because he was just filming out the back and we'd both be like, "Hey!" He got me into acting when I was two. My brother (Kodi) acts as well. He's 10 and just finished a film with Eric Bana called Romulus, My Father.

    • Sianoa: (on her name and how it's pronounced) Shan-noah. I think my mum made it up. Back in high school, her best friend's name was Sian, and she liked the name. If I was born a boy, she was going to call me Noah - so she put them together.

    • Sianoa: (asked if she enjoys dressing as a goth for her role in "Neighbours") Not really. It's hard if I have a scene, then I have a wardrobe change and I only have five minutes to do it in, because I have so many layers to put on. Especially with these shoes (Doc Martens) - I don't even do them up anymore. I just do them up halfway.

    • Sianoa: (asked if her goth look is her preference, or just for her "Neighbours" character, Bree) Just for my character! I wear anything; some days I'll wear trackie pants, Converse shoes and a T-shirt, or I'll go for something gangsta or punk. Just whatever, really!

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  • I feel that some people are laughing at Bree

    i would like to know why Bree is always seen eating as this could be seen as offensive. She is always seen eating pies or sumthin unhealthy y cant she b seen like the other characters?? When she got upset and started eating choclate i now assume that she suffers from Bullimia or wateva its called and that this is a storyline, can sum1 plz tel me (P.S im from UK so dont spoil the stryline 4 me coz were behind)moreless