Sidney Greenbush





5/25/1970 , Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Sidney Robyn Dana Bush




Sidney Robin Dana Bush and her identical twin sister Rachel Lindsay Rene Bush were born on May 25th, 1970. Sidney is younger by 3 minutes. She grew up on a ranch near Malibu. They family had lots of animals; dogs, cats, geese, ducks and chickens.

"Her parents used their shownames, Lindsay and Sidney when the kids appeared on TV, in case when people seemed to recognize them in public they could just call them by their real name, Robyn and Rachel, and people would think it's just a pair of kids who look like the youngster on the prairie!"

Parents Billy Green Bush and Carole Bush were in the entertainment business. Carole was a stewardess and an actress. She also did alot of modelling. Billy was successful in movies like 40 Carats and Five Easy Pieces. In 1991 her parents divorced.

They have an older brother Clay, born in 1968.

Sidney and her sister shared on the role of Carrie Ingalls in the NBC Hit TV Series: "Little House on the Prairie"

Sidney was a little more ambitious when it came to acting. She was also a little more serious than her sister. Lindsay was known to be the leader of the duo. Sidney has a little space between her front teeth. Sidney has more freckles than Lindsay.

In the episode "The Godsister" both of the twins wanted to play Alyssa, Carries made up friend. A little fight was rumored to break out between them. In the end, Michael decided to have them split it between them. Although, Sidney was seen as Alyssa more then her twin.

Sidney lives with her husband on their ranch, in Little Rock, Californa, where they train horses. She's also the US West Coast's top-ranked barrel racer.

Recently Sidney went back to college to finish her masters degree.

Sidney is more likely to get back to acting than her sister Lindsay.