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Sidney Greenbush Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Sidney was always considered the more shy twin, while her sister Lindsay was more outgoing. This comes across in their acting styles on Little House.

    • As a child, Sidney had a bone cyst in her left arm, and by the time they realized what was wrong, she had broken her arm five times. Because she was in a cast so often during filming for Little House on the Prairie, her sister Lindsay had more screen time as Carrie Ingalls, the role that the girls shared.

    • Sidney's nicknames on the set of Little House on the Prairie were Foxy Robyn and Bunji.

  • Quotes

    • Sidney Greenbush: (about legendary TV dad Michael Landon) I'm sad to say that I don't remember Michael very well, but then again, he was busy running the show. It never seemed like we were part of two families [while filming the series], but it felt like we had a lot of uncles and aunts.

    • Sidney Greenbush: (on changing the spelling of her birth name from Robin to Robyn) I changed the spelling of my name in either junior high or high school. I wanted my name to look more feminine since both Sidney [my sister's name] and Robin can be boy names. I didn't think a man would spell his name Robyn!

    • Sidney Greenbush: All twins struggle for personal identity because at a young age, parents dress them alike and refer to them as "the twins". Twins are really as much different as their appearance is the same. They should be encouraged to make their own choices and have their own interests.

    • Sidney Greenbush: Well, when any show reaches people while it is on the air, you hope that it will be remembered. I don't think anyone really knew the affect that Little House on the Prairie would have had on people. Looking back, I can see that it was one of the only shows that was geared towards kids and adults. Today, though, we have special shows just for kids and TV channels just for children's programming. I think the networks overlooked this audience level for a long time, and this is why we have a lot of young stars today, but we didn't back then.

    • Sidney Greenbush: (about being invited to the White House as a child) When we went to Washington, we actually didn't get to meet President or Mrs. Carter. We only met Amy, but she was really sweet and kind of quiet. I think it must be hard to be the President's daughter at ten years old, but she seemed to handle the press just fine. My sister and I were young at the time, but when we went outside to see the lighting of the Christmas tree, I remember being really cold, and I couldn't wait to get back inside!

    • Sidney Greenbush: (about acting for her and her twin sister) We got started by luck, although I don't think I would recommend anybody to start as young as we did. The best advice I can give is that if you love it, keep trying. If you don't get the job, it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with you personally. I have lost out on auditions because I was too tall or too old, or because I didn't look enough like an on-screen sibling.

    • Sidney Greenbush: Laura Ingalls Wilder's legacy is really based on love, and not just love for the family unit, but also love in respect to your fellow man.