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Sidney Kean Trivia


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    • Sidney was born October 1st 1950

      Sidney is fluent in Italian and Neapolitan

      He is right handed

      Worked with legendary director Tobe Hooper in 1985 on the movie Lifeforce

      Has been married to wife Margaret Kean for 27 years

      Sidney & Margaret have 3 daughters; Sara-Elizabeth (21), Victoria (18) and Chiara (14)

      He played "The Guy Who Ran Over Alfie Moon" in Eastenders the night he and Kat were going to sleep together

      His middle name is John

      Favourite music includes Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Christina Aguilera, Anastacia, Queen, The Who, The Kinks and The Beatles

      Favourite is Notting Hill

      Would love to work with Steven Spielberg, Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson

      Currently resides in the UK