Sig Hansen

Sig Hansen


4/28/1966, Seattle, Washington

Birth Name

Sigurd J. Hansen


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Sig Hansen is a fourth-generation Norwegian fisherman, that has been fishing since his early teens, and is the oldest of the three brothers. Sig has been running the 125ft Northwestern since he was 22, along with two younger brothers, Edgar and Norman. Sig would start fishing at age…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • During one trip, Sig stitched his brother Edgar's head, after a huge piece of ice hit him there. He used of dental floss to do it.

    • On April 19, 2007, Sig was a guest on the TV Guide Channel's Watch This.

    • Sig got hypnotized to stop smoking, but it only lasted three days.

    • As a kindergartner, Sig would draw pictures of crab pots and boats. He also talked about fishing.

    • On March 12, 2007, Sig and his brother Edgar held a free keynote address at the 2007 International Boston Seafood Show.

    • On 03/12/07 Sig and Edgar were guests on the WAAF-FAM Hill-Man Moring Show.

    • Sig, like his two younger brothers, Norman and Edgar, is fluent in Norwegian.

    • Sig's favorite crab to fish is the Blue King Crab for three reasons: potential money involved with it, the fast fishing, and the nice weather on the Bering Sea.

    • On November 11, 2006, Sig joined the Commercial Fishermen of America (CFA).

    • On October 5 of 2006 Sig was a guest on the WHQG 102.9 morning show.

    • For a few years, Sig has had a captain license despite the fact that his boat, the Northwestern, is under the 200 ton gross limit.

    • In Las Vegas, Sig almost had his shirt ripped off by a female fan.

    • On August 19, 2006, Sig attended the 100 Years Motorcycle Rally along with his two brothers, Edgar and Norman Hansen, and their fellow crew member Matt Bradley.

    • On Sept 21, 2006, Sig and his two brothers attended a King Dinner at the Oyster House at Pier 58 in Seattle, Washington, as a thank you for the success of "Deadliest Catch".

    • Sig confesses to being "an absolute jerk" when he was growing up, saying that, at times, he tossed lawn darts at his siblings or pinned them to the ground.

    • Along with being the Captain of the Northwestern, Sig also co-owns the boat with two younger brothers, Edgar and Norman.

    • One of the scariest experiences that Sig has had while fishing was when a rogue wave hit them from the starboard side in 30 foot seas. This caused the boat to lift up and then come down hard, swamping their deck and actually flooding the boat's galley.

    • The worst practical joke that Sig played was when he gave another fishing boat an incorrect bearing on where the crabs were.

    • According to Sig, the greatest advice that his late father gave to him was to "Spread 'em out."

    • Along with Captain Larry Hendricks of the Sea Star, Sig is a consultant to the show.

    • When Sig started to run the boat at 22, some insurance guys bet on him that he was going to hurt somebody because of his young age.

    • Unlike most crab boat captains, Sig doesn't believe it is unlucky to have women on board.

    • Sig was named after his grandfather, Sigurd.

    • Sig, along with his two other brothers, Edgar and Norman, were the first generation of their family to be born in the U.S.

    • Sig is 5'8" tall.

    • In the 2004 King Crab Season and in the 2005 Opilio Crab Season, Sig Hansen was awarded a $250,000 bonus from the Discovery Channel for having the vessel which harvested the most King Crab and Opilio crab.

    • According to Sig, his greatest fear is not being able to fish ever again.

    • Sig has two children, Nina and Mandy.

    • At the age of 22, Sig began relieving captains on the Northwestern, and at that time was the youngest captain in the fleet.

    • According to Sig, his greatest accomplishment at sea is the fact that there have not been any major accidents on board the Northwestern while he has been in charge.

    • Sig has two younger brothers, Edgar and Norman.

    • On April 25 at 10 pm ET Sig was involved with a live chat on Discovery Channel's fan site.

  • Quotes

    • Sig: This is who we are, and this is what we do. What we do is dangerous, and I've lost friends, and I've been in situations that weren't safe at all, and I think it helps people understand us better if they really see the risks.

    • Sig: You've got to be very stubborn. You've got to have the attitude to never quit. You don't know what is around the corner.

    • Sig: (on the boats sinking) You plow on. It affects you later. You're there to fish.

    • Sig: (on the effect of the success of The Deadliest Catch had on his life) Everywhere I go, people don't even ask me if I'm Captain Sig. They just walk up and go "Hey, Captain, can I have an autograph?" That blows me away. And I've got a thick stack of résumés from people who want to go [fishing] for free - from doctors to lawyers. You name it. But I don't want a crew made up of doctors and lawyers. I want the crew I have.

    • Sig: There is a coffee pot brewing all day. It's the cardinal sin - don't wake your captain up and not have coffee ready or your dead!

    • Sig: (on liking crab) Yes, I do. I think you should have crab everyday.

    • Sig: (on the show's appeal) I think people see in us what they would like to be themselves. Because maybe they spend all day in a cubicle -- they'd like to be out there doing something like we do, but they've got bills to pay. They can't just pick up and go to Dutch Harbor.

    • Sig: (on other reality shows) I've learned a lot about how they shoot these things. As far as other shows, I can see that they're more staged - the confessions and all that. But I think what sells this show is that you can't fudge it - you couldn't put actors on the boats and have the same show.

    • Sig: I get thousands of e-mails from guys saying they'll never complain about the price of crab or fish after they see what it takes to put it on their plate.

    • Sig: (on fishing the quota system) You still get the excitement, you still battle the weather. At least now you know what you're after, [the IFQs] give you a safer feeling. But you're still under the gun.

    • Sig: (on fishing the derby) It was a blast. Yes, it was dangerous, but if you've done well, it's a feeling like no other.

    • Sig: (on the show) People turned their back on us. Now "I'm crab fishermen" is a pick-up line in bars.

    • Sig: Three hundreds and four hundreds like that are going to add up fast. But, one string dose not make a trip. (Sig smiles) We want them all to hit like that, that's the goal.

    • Sig: (on Nick Mavar) Some guys - it's worse. They take their personal lives up here with them and they sit here and dwell on things. You can't do your job when you're still at home in your mind.

    • Sig: (on the other skippers) I don't talk to them that much. Some, but not much. And half the time you're lying to them anyway.

    • Sig: (on his unusual name) Try growing up with a name like Sigurd Johnny. You get a lot of black eyes.

    • Sig: (On his crew) These guys don't get tired. They're robots. You just plug in their little batteries, jam some food in their mouths, lay 'em down for four hours and then it's like the EverReady [Energizer] bunny, they keep going.

    • Sig: (on roaring through a line of crab pots) This is the art of jamming gear down your throat ... one [pot] on the block, one on the bow and one on the stern. ... That makes skipper happy. Crew not happy when skipper does that.

  • Sig Hansen, Captine of the Northwestern, Man of the Alaskin seas.

    I think Sig Hansen is thy best captine on Deadliest Catch. He is captine of the Northwestern, one of the best crap ships (In my opinion) and has caught thousands of crabs with his crew. Sig Hansen is a great man, never gives up, a man who thinks smart. Sig graduated from High School, planning, fishing in the seas of Alaska. He never gave up his goal to be a captine, and now he is captine of the great Northwestern. The crew do deserver some of the credit, but it was all Sig's planning that lead them to millions of great crabs. He was the youngest man of the fleet, and should be very proud of it to. he is humble, he doesn't mention any of his great accomplishments, even though he has the credit to do so. His greatest accomplishmeants (In his opinion) is that there was no major accidents in his time of being a captine of the great Northwestern.moreless
  • The main man of his ship.

    Captain Sig Hansen is the main man of his ship, the F/V Northwestern and it is a job that he has been doing for a couple of years. According to him and his crew he is doing a great job at it because he hasn't a major accident while in command of his boat, which is almost 18 years. That is telling me something, that this guy knows what is doing despite the type of job that he is involved with. Anybody that can do that in the enivornment that he dose it in, is a man of quite talent and somebody that has gain my respect.

    While is great at his job, let's not forget the personality that this guy has, which seems to be to be a low key down to earth guy that dose not care about the new found frame that he gain with this show. For he knows that if this show ever tanks, it has no bearing on him or his crew, for they will all still go out and fish for either King or Snow crab. Like the rest of the people that are featured in this show, he is a real person that is doing his job, even if might been the world dangerous job. It also help with the fact that Sig has gone out of his way to answer some of the viewers questions about his job, either it be in a live chat or forum postings.moreless