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    • Silas: (How he got his part in Prison Break) I went in to read for another role during pilot season almost three years ago. I go in to read for this regular part and they are like, "Great. That is fine." I leave, I'm on vacation with my family for a few weeks on the East Coast, and they call me to say, "We don't want you for that, but maybe for this one or two-part role. Can you come back and audition?" I was at a point in my career where I was like, "I've played crazy before, so I'm not gonna leave Maine to come back L.A. to audition for something you just saw me for, and for a part that is my stock and trade." So I basically said no, and they called back to make me an offer and said, "It is one, maybe two episodes." "Great. No problem." It turned into this wild ride.