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Silversun Pickups is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, California. Members are Brian Aubert (vocals, guitar), Nikki Monninger (bass), Christopher Guanlao (drums), and Joe Lester (keyboards).


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    • Brian Auburn: (about the album Carnavas) We wanted to go into the studio, just get in there and really work it. Really work on guitar sounds and have a totally different feeling from the EP.

    • Brian Auburn: Here in L.A., there's a big Sunset Junction festival in August, with local bands and big national acts. Playing outdoors is fun because it's a whole different animal. We're pretty loud in a club, but when you're playing a show like that, you can't just rely on sonics, which is challenging really.

    • Brian Auburn: When we signed to Dangerbird, we wanted to put things out pretty fast. We decided to do an EP before the record, using some older material we had recorded. The EP is like a hodgepodge. One song was recorded in 2002, one was recorded in 2003, some of it was recorded in 2004, and then we went into the studio for a day or two and recorded three new songs. We had a bunch of songs we performed live, so we [decided to] put these on the EP and saved those for the record. We didn't want any crossover material, so that the record's not the same six songs from the EP with four new tracks.

    • Brian Auburn: [Our first show] was CMJ in New York in 2000 or 2001. It was a different band, really. Nikki was still there, but it was two other people, and we were just kind of messing around for a few weeks. We didn't really have songs, but we made a tape and sent it to CMJ just for fun. Then we got in.

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  • They're new!

    This new band comes from Los Angeles, California and I heard their song "Lazy Eye" and I got to say that this would be the next big thing in 2007. I hope these guys would go all the way and continue the next generation in alternative rock music. As much as I'm not into indie rock, this group has a more unique sound in their music that combines pop, and soft alternative mixed into one. I hope this band would go far.moreless