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  • Well well well... thats easy.... she is just amazing! Australia sure has talent. One of the best we have, and the number 1 for me. She is the best thing to ever come from little old Mt Isa. Just love her in everything she does,

    What can i say about Simmone Jade Mackinnon...
    She is amazing, and yep from my home town, good old Mt.Isa.
    Simmone is such a talent, no matter if your talkin bout her role as Allie Reese in "Baywatch" (1989,1999-2000), Kimberly in "All Saints" playing "(episode # 2.6, 1999), The Stripper in "All Saints" (episode # 1.41, 1998), Bianca Mathias in "Water Rats" (episode # 3.26, 1998), Elura in "The Lost World" (episode # 1.2, 1999), Stevie Hall in McLeod's Daughters (2001 - still going), Nadia in Python 2 (2002) or in her films or her Role in films as Doctor's Assistant in Dating the Enemy (1996), Mel in Dust Off the Wings (1997), N'Kara/Ildico in Attila The Hun (2001), Robin Turner in Dark Waters (2003), Dr. Anne Fletcher in Deep Shock (2003). All in all i cant think of a single person who is more talented. amazing or naturally beautiful then Simmone!
    Simmone, you make the whole of Australia and most of all Mt Isa Very proud to say your one of us, Well done!