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    • Simmone: (on being allergic to animals and working with sheep on "McLeod's Daughters") They're the worst animals to work with. They've got that stinky lanolin all over them and, because I'm allergic to animals, as soon as I touch them - especially if there are burrs in the wool - then the lanolin gets in there and I come up in little welts. It's just itchy and it's horrible.

    • Simmone: (on living in the country, not far from the property that doubles as Drovers Run on "McLeod's Daughters") For me to get to work only takes 10 minutes. They have the beach but I prefer to get my sleep.

    • Simmone: I'd went to LA after finishing Baywatch and I was starting to wonder if Baywatch was more of a hindrance than a help because no agents wanted to see me. But eventually I was introduced to an agent and by the time I'd arrived back home from the meeting he'd called to say they had an audition for me, and I got the job on Attila. Even though it was a TV movie, it was an amazing production to be part of. It was shot in Lithuania and I had a wonderful time. I made some dear friends while making Attila.

    • Simmone: I started rock climbing after I began seeing my fiancé Jason (Momoa). He introduced me to it. In the beginning I didn't really mind it, but I didn't love it … you know what it's like when you start seeing a boy, you pretend you like it. But all of a sudden, I started getting good at it and started to enjoy it. I love the whole experience of it. Going camping, and finding rocks that perhaps no-one has ever climbed before. I'm not allowed to do it now though, because of the show.

    • Simmone: I did my HSC at ballet school, but it put me off ballet a bit. They were so strict, and the discipline wasn't working for me at 17... it was a rebellious time for me. After school I travelled for two years with a cabaret – I've never worked so hard. Then Cats was another level altogether. It taught me more about discipline than ballet school.

    • Simmone: (on working on "McLeod's Daughters") The whole cast of McLeod's Daughters is very close, especially Michala Banas (Kate), Rachael Carpani (Jodi) and me. We get along like a house on fire. In fact we're so close that we all holidayed together recently in Hawaii during a production break.

    • Simmone: (on her favourite AFL football team) Port Power. I've got to say that out of loyalty to Mr Cornes (Chad Cornes, co-star Rachel Carpani's ex-boyfriend).

    • Simmone: (on her wedding) It will be in Hawaii and it'll be like a big luau. There'll be a hula-hula, a haka, and fire dancers and stuff like that. It'll just be a big casual party on the beach.

    • Simmone: (on living apart from her fiancé, Jason) We do find it difficult, but doable. The few years apart are tough, but we know how hard it is in this industry. We won't ever separate ourselves again.

    • Simmone: (on keeping in contact with previous co-stars from Baywatch) Brandy Ledford will be one of my bridesmaids, and I've kept in contact with Brooke Burnes because she was in North Shore with Jason.

    • Simmone: (on working in South Australia) Oh, I've certainly had a few beers thrown my way, especially out in Gawler. I love South Australia and I love Gawler. I love the countryside.

    • Simmone: (asked if horse-riding was part of the audition for McLeod's Daughters) In my final audition, I had to ride. Having a bit of experience probably helped, but a lot gets stunt doubled anyway.

    • Simmone: (when asked if after kissing someone on TV changes her friendship with them) Oh no. It's awkward for sure, but it doesn't change the friendship. It's very mechanical and you're not thinking about kissing that person. You're just thinking about where your head should be.

    • Simmone: (on cracking the whip on McLeod's daughters) With the whip-cracking, they were like, 'Yeah, that's great - like a dominatrix!' I'm like, 'Oh my god, OK!' I thought I was going to take out the camera department because they were so close!

    • Simmone: (on her role on McLeod's daughters) As a horse lover, I'm happy to have a role where I am able to ride almost everyday.

    • Simmone: (starting work on McLeod's daughters) In the couple of weeks before I started shooting, I watched all 58 episodes, from the beginning to what was on air at the time. I became a little obsessed with it and I thought 'Oh no, I'm going to be like a stalker for the people that I am going to be working with'.

    • Simmone: (what people would be surprised to learn about her) I'm a lot smaller than I look on TV.

    • Simmone: (whether she's a health-food fanatic or junk-food junkie) Depends what time of year it is. I'm more healthy than junk.

    • Simmone: (the first album she bought) Sam and Dave. It was $1.99 and all I could afford!

    • Simmone: (three things she can't live without) Food, especially Japanese, my dogs, my garden.