Simon Amstell

Simon Amstell


Gants Hill, Essex, England, United Kingdom

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Simon Marc Amstell


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Simon co-wrote an episode of Skins for E4 in 2007.

    • Simon was nominated in 2006 for a newcomers award by ITV's South Bank Show.

    • Preston, the singer with the Ordinary Boys, walked out of a recording of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, after Simon began to read an extract from Living the Dream, the autobiography of Preston's wife, Chantelle.

    • He won Best Comedy Entertainment Personality for Never Mind The Buzzcocks at the British Comedy Awards, in December 2007.

    • In 2007 he won an RTS Television Award in the category Best Entertainment Performance for Nevermind The Buzzcocks.

    • Simon Amstell was born in Gants Hill into a Jewish family.

    • Simon Amstell performs as a stand up comedian.

    • Simon Amstell briefly presented on London radio station XFM.

    • Simon Amstell has made guest appearances on Bo' Selecta!, Never Mind The Buzzcocks (including a spot as guest presenter on 20 March 2006) and Comic Relief.

    • Simon Amstell presented The Morning After Show and had a regular spot on Christopher Price's Liquid News.

    • Simon Amstell hosts Never Mind The Buzzcocks full time.

    • Some ways Simon angered guests on Popworld was a mock interview with singer Lemar called 'Lemar From Afar' in which Simon shouted questions into a megaphone from one end of a car park whilst Lemar stood at the other end. Another was asking Luke Pritchard, the singer of The Kooks whether he ever called ex Katie Melua "Katie Manure", which was deemed "a bit personal".

    • On Popworld Simon developed a highly ironic, surreal and leftfield style which gained the show a cult following, but angered many of its guests.

    • On Popworld Simon voiced the characters of 'Timothy the Popworld melon' and 'Richard the Popworld horse'.

    • From 2001-2006 Simon presented Popworld on Channel 4 With Miquita Oliver.

    • Simon was sacked from his job at Nickelodeon for being too "sarcastic" and "mean to children".

    • Simon first appeared on television in 1998 as a presenter on the UK's kids channel Nickelodeon.

    • Simon was brought up in the Jewish faith.

    • Simon is being open about his homosexuality, after the age of 21, when he realised is not a bad thing.

    • Simon attended Beal High School in Redbridge.

  • Quotes

    • Simon: (About coming out as a gay at 21 years old) I was in denial. I didn't see being gay as a conceivable thing you could be. It didn't seem possible that you could be homo and people not be fazed by it. The one time I did think it was all right was when Graham Norton was the biggest thing on Channel 4 and that Brian Dowling won Big Brother. I thought, "Bloody hell, do people really like these homos?".

    • Simon: Cynicism is just some sort of endless sadness about life. I think I'm more realistic than cynical. There are things that are sh*t in life, and pointing them out is important. Well, not important, because everything's nonsense really.

    • Simon: (Asked if he misses his career in the radio field) I miss not having to care if I look respectable.

    • Simon: (About quitting from Popworld) We knew exactly how it worked and we thought people will start to see our tricks. It's the same with Buzzcocks. I'll stop doing it when I know how to do it properly.

    • Simon: (About he being the new host for Nevermind the Buzzcocks) I hope I can be the one exception to the universal, exceptionless rule that when a new host takes over an old show it is a horrible, embarrassing disaster.

    • Simon: What I realised during Popworld was that I wasn't cool. Miquita was cool, her aunt was Neneh Cherry, mine was married to an accountant. I realised I could be funny about not being cool.

    • Simon: Discussing personal things in front of an audience creates a release; people recognise something from their own lives. Humour is the optimism, the release. There's a smuttiness in talking about personal things in print.

    • Simon: (About his insulting jokes for the guests on Nevermind the Buzzcocks) It's about my love of television, the silliness of showbiz - not "how can I stick the knife in?"

  • He's great

    Thank you Nevermind The Buzzcocks for helping me discover this great comedian and host and all of which he is. Simon Amstel is incredibly funny and smart.. I love his sarcasm and his cynism.. And I admire his courage to joke and laugh at stars who are right in his face. He also has an unique sense of humour and him coming to Nevermind The Buzzcocks was a right choice.. Simon gave another aura to the show, but remained as funny as hell as Mark Lemarr, or maybe even more funny than him. ANything else.. I don't know.. I'm so mad that he's gay because he is soooo cute too.. But that's what life is.. Anyway. Go GO Simon! You're the best!moreless