Simon and Garfunkel





Art Garfunkel: New York, Paul Simon: New Jersey

Birth Name



Art was born on November 5, 1941. Paul was born on October 13, 1941. They met in a school play, Alice In Wonderland, when they were 11. They started to sing at 12. Art introduced Paul to singing. They both admired the Everly Brothers. They used to sing Everly songs in their dorm.

After singing together for a couple years, they were about to throw in the towel, when they recorded "Hey Schoolgirl". Originally calling themselves "Tom and Jerry", they came out with an album, because of that song, at the age of 15. Their goal was to make it on the radio...

After they recorded "The Sound of Silence", people started calling their local radio stations requesting it. Now they couldn't be called "Tom and Jerry". At the time calling themselves by their last names only, just wasn't done. But "Art and Paul" was already taken, so they decided to call themselves Simon and Garfunkel. Paul had been in London, England, around that time, but he moved back to America. He used to write his songs in his bathroom, with the lights off and the water running.

There was a political controversy over "Bridge Over Troubled Water", because it had been played at the funerals of three prominent Democrats. They were accused of pushing their agenda, when actually, the song was played for its conciliatory theme. They received hate letters because of this controversy.

Now, after having performed solo for quite a long time, they have gotten back together to do some more shows. They decided to save their friendship, and will continue to be good friends.