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  • I saw him first in "Something New" and was very impressed. A great actor and hopefully will stay in the limelight so I can keep watching.

    I first saw Simon Baker in the movie "Something New" and thought his parts with Sanaa were very real and very well acted. I have not seen "The Guardian" as yet but am anxious to get my hands on it when it goes to DVD. I did see the short lived "Smith" series and alhtough I liked watching Baker in it the stories left soemthing to be desired. He is a true professional and his interviews bring that across. He loves his work, wife and children and it is nice to hear that come through in some of his interviews. He studies his craft well and that is why I like watching him. He makes whatever he is doing seem believable and I want to keep watching.
  • Simon Baker -- Wow!

    The first time I remember seeing Simon Baker was in La Confidential and I fell in love right at that moment. He pulled off his role as an aspiring actor who just happens to be homosexual, with flair. In his present role as Patrick Jane, the Mentalist, his sense of fun spiced with a "Mr. Know-it-all" attitude makes this TV drama sure to be around for awhile, at least I hope it will.

    Mr. Baker's steely blue eyes and curly, blond hair make him especially attractive and when he turns on that Aussie accent -- oh my -- it's no wonder he's TV Guide's sexiest man!
  • Simon Baker is The Mentalist a witty, at times a little arrogant man who can read people like must of us read a book.

    I have liked Simon Baker for a long time, I loved The Guardian in which he portrayed a deeply flawed but sensitive corporate lawyer. In the Mentalist we get to see his charismatic smile which is simply wonderful. He is an excellent actor and is very convincing as Patrick Jane who uses his skills of applied psychology, perception and hypnosis to help solve crime. He is a multi-faceted character who harbours a deep sense of self-loating beneath his cheerful demeanor. Simon has also appeared in an arrar of films, but nothing as yet that truly shows off his acting talent. He is also a devoted husband and father and despite his sex symbol status is modest and down-to-Earth. A truly lovely man, worthy of praise.
  • Simon

    Simon Baker is such an amazing good actor!
    One of the main reasons why I got into the mentalist is because of Simon.
    I absolutly love how he plays the charming, cute & a litlle arrogant Patrick Jane!
    He plays a very convincing part as Patrick Jane!There's nobody who can do it better.

    I absolutly love his storyline, It's so sad how he lost his wife & daughter. He really cares about them. I hope he finds who killed them.
    I love his witty comments on people and his humor. & the tension between him and Lisbon

    So as long as he's on the show I'll never stop watching! xD
  • Simon Baker is the perfect ten. A smashing actor, great looking and totally believable in all his roles. Glad to see that he is finally getting the success his talent deserves in The Mentalist.

    I have watched him in a few films; devestatingly charming and funny in Something New, funny and sexy in Sex and Death 101 and also in Ride with the Devil, Sunset Strip and Affair of the Necklace. He was also terrific in The Guardian (shown in the early 2000s on TV). But he really is tailor made to play Patrick Jane in The Mentalist. You just cannot imagine anyone else playing this role. A show with a great ensemble cast, but is really is Simon Baker's show. There is something of the "old Hollywood" about him. Definitely one to watch.
  • Simon Baker is THE MAN!

    I fell in love with Simon Baker when he appeared in the series "The Guardian". Great acting but really depressed and troubled character. Now that he is playing Patrick Jane the shining personality, smile, beautiful eyes and great humor all abound in his character. Love his part and love to just watch him.
    I noticed on the first show this week that Simon is or is trying to wear the new style facial hair beard/mustache look. Not for Patrick Jane. Only makes him look like he has a dirty face. Please see if Patrick Jane will have a change of mind and shave off the dirty face. He is much too gorgeous to hide any of his face. He is definately the clean cut look type of guy. Lets keep it that way.
  • A great actor !

    I first saw him in the guardian many years ago. Great acting as a rich and successful lawyer with drug problem and kind of sex addiction.

    And now, we see him as the mentalist, a mind player, once a family guy, but now his wife and child are murdered. I love the way he handles the rich people, the way he tricks and questions them. Given his previous role in the guardian, it's a great contradiction, but also showing that he is a very successful and a good actor.

    I wish that he always stays as charming as he is now.
  • Charming Simon Baker

    Before watching the mentalist . simon was just another average actor to me , that good looking kind of guys who do just like all the others out there . Now in the Mentalist Simon gives us a unique performance , light , funny , ironic , sarcastic .. yet he can show his feelings when it comes to the emotional scenes . even though it's not good to make a one man show as he's the center of everything and he solves all the cases in the show but he really deserves that and you feel like you wanna see him in every shoot . his manipulation for good cause makes it very funny . go simon ... you rock
  • If the eyes are truly the mirror to the soul then this actor IS soul!

    Besides "The Mentalist", I have only ever seen Simon Baker in a movie called "Something New", but he certainly is/has a powerful draw.
    The Mentalist initially interested me in the strength of his character and performance alone. Since then the other aspects of the cast and story have begun to develop nicely, but I doubt without Simon's presence I would have been around to see it.
    He has an uncanny way of making this viewer at least, feel as though I'm an actual part of the proceedings and so the commercials often come as a surprise. And thats what good performance is all about!
    I don't know what the future holds for his show next season, but his success in a performance career is a given, and many of us will be watching. Those eyes of his will accept nothing less...
  • not the same

    Mentalist, noun. Someone who uses mental acuity, hypnosis and/or suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and don't see much of that in this new mentalist show. Miss PJ in the scene crime investigation. And i miss he interacting with the old crew
  • Beginning of the End

    We are sad to see this show end. It is one which all the adults in our family enjoy watching together. Really enjoy Simon Baker's quirky and fun character and manner, and hope to see him again soon. Also really like Tim Kang's Character, stoic, but occasionally writers allow his deeper feelings to show through. Hope to see him again soon also. Best to all the will be missed!
  • Simon's magic!

    Sooo sad this has ended. Simon Baker is drop dead gorgeous! The storyline was love all the actors,brilliant! fabulous ending,tears flowed!