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  • Excellent

    I would like you to know, I like this alot better than American Idol Judges. All the judges on this show I do enjoy their personalities, and accents. And Simon does not seam to be as mean as it sounded on American Idol. There was to many arguments and show offs of the judges on American Idol. WE LOVE the way you give most all ages a chance to be a star. We like the host on "THE X FACTOR" We much like the judges to. We completely enjoy the show. Thank you for letting me comment, Sincerely Don and Melody.
  • Overated.

    Love his meaness. Tells it like it .
  • Music Joins "politically correct" sell out

    Being a total music lover, and rock n roller, it was sad to watch this Total Sell Out. You will probably get :Get Well: cards from REAL Entertainers like Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Neil Diamond, and Paul Anka.

    Simon Cowell you ought to be ashamed of yourself. i can see the other so-called judges, as they obviously have sold out, and don't even have a clue, but I thought you would not go there. You Did, and Good Luck with that.

    What do you do when you've sold that part of you?

    Ann Taylor Riddle
  • xfactor uk

    can nobody see whats been happening? major contenders have been going out you are loosing the show loosing vewers does nobody know why? do you want to know why??
  • Rachel Crow

    Simmon , what happened to rachel crow from last yr .show thought she was comin back this yr thank love you an your show never miss it . from Ddebbie P ennell from pa.
  • The only judge I'll listen to

    Some say he's evil, but I think he's pretty funny too at times. But when it comes to his job, he does it right. And that's what matters. He's a great critic even if it hurts, he is not a monotone speaker, he has a lot to say, and sometimes will leave you speechless. That's a tv personality to follow for sure!
  • Known For Idol, maybe also his new show coming

    I am willing to bet people will stop watching Idol this season because it is Simon's last. Simon is of course known as the mean, harsh judge on Idol, which he is. But I think people will stop watching because of him leaving, which is laughable because people who do that are not fans. If you watch the show for the one judge, then you are missing the point of the show entirely. I hope Simon has a blast on his own show and i hope it is successful. Overall, can be a jerk obviously, but also very well known
  • This guy...

    I can't really figure him out. When he first came on TV we all loved him, his mannerisms, his ability to be awful on TV and get away with it. I guess it was because you could see the nice guy underneath, and let's look at it; he's changed alot of lives.
    So why don't I like him now? It's simple. I don't trust him. I can't get over the idea that his shows are a farce. He knows all the right buttons to press to gain the right amount of money (keeping Jedward in after weeks of moaning about them one of many things). Seeing the soap the X Factor is becoming has made me lose alot of respect for him and people are starting to cotton on. I would never audition for X Factor or Britain's Got Talent... not when I'd be knocked out by talentless horrors just to supply Cowell's bank account. Overall he has changed lives and I respect him for that. It is true he is a God of TV. But Gods are flawed. His shows are flawed. Fast losing all respect for the guy.
  • Where do I start?

    Marketing. Its just marketing. I mean, he may really and quite naturally be this big a jerk, but what you see is called "marketing"...sadly, at its worst! Admittedly, its working. "Ah, there's the rub..."

    I don't get the exploitative nature of A.I. or B.G.T. and the like, and I don't watch them at all unless I am force-fed at someone else's home. However by virtue of this marketing, the shows and Simon are omnipresent in ads and entertainment news and on the internet so its hard to avoid. Everyone has to make a living and if he can capitalize on the spoils of war, who am I to begrudge him his parasitic career? Thats why I gave him a 3.5 instead of a 1.0; because he has managed to fool most of the people most of the time! And still look at himself in the mirror each morning, (and noon and night...)
  • Simon and Paula need to be seperated.

    I like Simon as a judge, however his attraction to Paula is distracting to the singers and he act as he is not getting enough attention. He acts like a spoiled boy that wants all the attention. He and Paula should just get a room somewhere before the show so they can keep their hands off each other. He is not respectful to Paula regardless is she makes any sence or not. The singers respect his oponion, however his infactuation with Paula is taking the attention away from the artist. Simon acts bored with American Idol and will do anything for attention.
  • He is different.

    One thing I have to admit about Simon Cowell is that he isn't boring or afraid to say what he thinks. I have watched AMerican Idol a few times to realize that Simon's job is to hurt people but also make them famous. To be honest, I don't think that makes sense, but that is just me. I think he is really good with his punch lines and some of his insults are hilarious one-liners. My favorite had to be where he insults a person singing goth music whose is screaming and whining a terrible noise. Simon told him he should sing in a dark room. Thank you.
  • Simon Cowell is great at what he does.

    Many people do not like Simon Cowell, saying he is arrogant or too rough on the contestants of American Idol. I think he is just pushing people to be their best. Maybe he goes a bit overboard on the comments at times, but for the most part, I think he wants to see all the singers and contestants do their best. American Idol wouldn't be the same without Simon Cowell. In real life, and when it comes to charity and the like, its obvious he cares about people. Simon Cowell is a pro in the music industry, and respected by many artists.
  • his strict but fair

    Do not mess with this guy. He scares me sometime. Doesnt he scare you? His face is like always like this -> =.= its seriously scary. But i think he is the most honest judge. but he is seriously weird in a wayy. bUT AS i said a very fair judge. But Cornie worked her evil ways around him. Okay, jsut kidding. shes an awesome singer. If simon made her cry, i would bash him up so badly he he... okay thinking of something. Anyway, i love him as a judge but sometimes he is so irritating i feel like killing him?
  • american idol judge

    simon cowell is the third judge of the hit show american idol. i believe that simon thinks brits are better than americans, which doesnt bother me. he is ussualy the meanest(compered to the always nice paula), but sometimes the most honest judge . his rude comments ussualy make his best friend, ryan seacrest talk back to him but i enjoy it when they have arguments. i also think simon is very funny especcialy when he complains about a contestants performance.(such as, "bloody hell!") he also has discovered many popular artists, such as leona lewis and that pop slash opra band whos name i cant remember. plz visit my profile!
  • Simon is usually right with his comments, criticisms and observations if you haven't noticed.

    I've watched American Idol for seven seasons. I have found that Simon is right on with his comments. I think he is a true mentor. Mentors are not and cannot be your friend. They have the hard task of being honest. A mentor is someone who pushes you out of the nest and on to your goal. The goal here is to win the competition. I appreciate a person who is honest with themselves and others. Have you noticed how his comments always refer to winning the competition.

    I also think it quite rude to interrupt him and boo him when he is expressing his opinion. I like hearing from all the judges but somehow for the most part when it gets to him he gets the boos. I think it takes a geniunly caring person to be as honest as he is. I wish he wouldn't say, "I'm sorry" after he critic's a performance. He should just give his opinion and not apologize. "It is what it is." I love the show and think it is one of the few shows that motive young people who watch it.
  • Funny, but only sometimes.

    Sometimes he gives you a laughter on the popular reality [i] "American Idol" [/i] but other times he can be [b] kinda [/b] mean. Not all the time though. He is still has a heart and laughter, and chokebox (lol), and Simon Cowell is a good judge. It's not like everyone will be picked for American Idol, but that guy in Season 7 sure loved Simon Cowell a lot. And the Japenese (or Chinese, sorry) girl in X-Factor, really had a heart for Simon. And Connie (From Britian's Got Talent) also had a heart. People still do care about Simon. - ThereGoesHalo3.
  • Never have I seen someone that just captivated me on televison like Simon Cowell did on Amerian Idol! What a Man!!

    Never have I seen someone that just captivated me on televison like Simon Cowell did on Amerian Idol! What a Man!! His comments is what really gets to you....doesnt it?? He is someone that just speaks his mind with no intention of holding back anything! If you ever wanted an honest opinion from anyone, Simon is the one to surely give it to you!!! He is a smart dresser and today is one of the most celebrated celebrities in the world... people just love him!! Isnt that shocking! He can be brutal and at times be nice... But, what a man!!!
  • Simon is a sheep dressed in a wolf. His job is 2 be honest but sometimes the truth hurts. I honor his opinion.I love to sing and dance but even if my parents had the money 2 pay for me to go audition, I wouldn't dare do it in front of him. I pray 4 him.

    I believe that God uses him as an instrument to either open or close the door to people who are chasing a dream. If I ever dared perform in front of him and he said, "yes" Then, it's like God saying yes. Because it's a miracle. He's on our families top prayer list just like Bianca Ryan. We always pray for their safety. I know I'll never meet any of them but by spirit I feel them always in my heart. I wonder if he has wife or kids. www. my julissa luvsalex or www. my space/ julissa foss click on my videos. You guys should pray for him too. He's a gift from God. He speaks truth just like Jesus did.
  • So Funny.

    I love Simon, he is so funny and cracks me up!! He is one of the three judges on American Idol and man he is just awesome. I LOVE how is so honest..why do people not like him? He is just telling the truth.Overall Simon is cool, really good judge....he's wonderful.
  • His feuds with Ryan are hilarious!!

    Simon Cowell is an English man born in England duh and he is a judge on American Idol and other reality singing shows. On American Idol, he's always very honest, but he is a little bit too mean. He should be a little bit nicer when he's saying that a performance was bad. I serioulsy can't believe that in Season 3 of AI he said that Fantasia Barrino was the best contestant ever. Kelly Clarkson and Diana DeGramo and most of the other people were waaaay better than Fantasia. Simon also said that Fantasia on one of her performances sounded like donald duck on helium. Ha ha ha!! Oh yeah, his feuds with Ryan are soooooo funny!!
  • He's mean but kinda funny sometimes.

    Its always good to tell the truth but i think he takes it way too far. I mean he dogs out people with no reason at all and it may be funny sometimes it kinda cold and i be like he didn't have to say that. He's getting a little bit more nicer i think the other judges rubed off on him. He can be nice when he wants to but i think people like it when he is mean. On american idol he makes the show even though most people don't want to amit to it at all. Okay
  • simon cowell. funny. pretty. smart. fantastic.

    simon cowell is possibly one of the funniest people to ever be on television. some people think he is cruel but hes not. hes honest and actually nice. if it wasnt for simon cowell, american idol would be pointless. it would just be two judges telling everyone they are great when in reality, they arent. simon says what people are really thinking and that is exactly what american idol needs in a judge. anyways, simon cowell is hilarious, brillaint, handsome, and an all around good guy. even though most people dont see it. well thats just too bad.
    - bevin
  • Simon Cowell is an interesting judge for American Idol.

    I will admit that he's a good judge when it comes to speaking his mind, but the last American Idol shocked me. As Chris Richardson was sending his condolences to those who lost family members in the Virginia Tech massacre, Simon went and rolled his eyes (seen here: I couldn't believe that he would do such a thing like that. I mean, I've been watching American Idol for well over a year now, and I have never seen anything so disgusting in my life. I think Simon should give those people an apology, because I believe he did something he shouldn't have done at all.
  • Simon Cowell is the best judge on American Idol. There is no doubt about that

    Simon Cowell is the best judge on American Idol because he is the most honest and trustworthy judge on American Idol. He knows singing talent when he hears it. He only tells the truth on American Idol, and as part as a judge, it is his duty to tell the audience and America the honest truth about the performance of the contestant each and every time and not to sugarcoat the performance like Randy sometimes does and Paula mostly does. The people in the audience always discredit Simon because of his honesty and of their bias feelings of contestants due to the fact most of the people in the audience are family and friends. It is obvious why he is the best judge on the show because it tells how it is and that is final.
  • Simon is one of the world's popular celebrities, although strict as a judge for a couple of music competitions across the globe. However, his lifestyle is Haram.

    Simon Cowell is one of the world's popular celebrities, although strict as a judge for a couple of music competitions across the globe: Pop Idol (in the U.K.), and the American Idol (in the U.S.).

    I have never seen him on Pop Idol, but I have been seeing him on American Idol. I first got to see him with Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul on a Dubai-based channel, OneTv, although the American Idol that was on was a year behind schedule. It looked entertaining, but I also noticed how mean Simon was to some of the potential contestants.

    Many people say that he is mean, but from what I saw since American Idol 2006, he is right in most cases. The only thing he did so far was to spice up the truth with seasoning hot ingredients, thus making it debating and exciting to watch him speak negatively.

    However, I wish Paula and Simon stop playing cats and dogs, debating and fighting all the time. From the looks of it, I don't think Paula would ever get used to Simon's comments on potential and/or qualified contestants.

    And Simon has a very serious dark side according to VH1's "The Fabulous Life of [Simon Cowell]": He is a heavy spender and a playboy. To me, he isn't Halal to hang around with; he's Haram.
  • I feel and think you are faboulous.

    Simon keep up the great work and you are doing very well. I love your honesty because when I am watching the idols. I say the same thing an since you get to be the judge in front of those idols. I command you an keep it up.. You also have a beatiful smile. You are a cool person and if you wasnt the way you certainly wouldnt be sitting in that chair. So I belive you are fine.. All of us are born with our own unique talent . Some are discoverd an some isnt. Lovely Ms.S'avvy
  • Simon is very out spoken. He says what he thinks. (Does not hold anything back). He is very honest about how he feels about the contestants. I respect his judgement although sometimes I don't agree. He is a very blunt spoken person, making him sound cold.

    All in all I respect and like him. He is just blunt and to the point which makes him sound cold hearted. In my opinion, he is just being honest. If he thinks you stink, you stink. He does not sugar coat it. I love you, Simon. Keep up the good work.
  • He's my idol!

    This guy not only tells it like it is, but he is also very very very amusing! You hear Randy and Paula try to criticize in the nicest way possible, but Simon holds nothing back, and he tells it like it is and should be told! I'll sit there and watch a horrible performance, hear Randy and Paula criticize in the nicest way possible, and I'm sitting there begging for someone to say exactly what I'm thinking. And then Simon comes out and takes the words out of my mouth, and I feel so much better, because it's like everyone's opinion is heard through him.
  • Simon Cowell is hilarious!!While I'm writing this I think I have to admit to one of my best friends that I love Simon and his personality. ( This is such a big mistake. She is so going to remind me about this for the rest of my life!)

    Overall Simon Cowell has a great personality. He really, truly does! I was just reading some of his quotes and they are hilarious. ( You should read them by the way.) He wasn't just handed his stardom either, he worked really hard for it. He said that he would always tell people that he could do better at a job in a higher position.
    He must have had terrible behavior at school though, because he had been to 16 different schools before he dropped out of school at the age of 16! I really can't believe that, but then again he is very outspoken and does seem to have a big mouth at times. I think Simon Cowell is a fantastic person.
  • Simon Cowell is a talented Original Judge mostly known on American Idol.

    Simon Cowell's personality is so rare because he is a hard Judge. On American Idol you never see him get scared but one time I saw him get nervous from a person Auditioning. He mostly does not like peoples songs they sing. He Hardley says yes to anybody. Simon must have been very picky when he was a child and probely also annoying. On the good side He always have somthing to say about his opinion and he is not afraid to say it. Thats whats cool about him. I would not want to be judged by him though because I would probley sound horrible to him.
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