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  • Amazing!

    It's his voice on TUGS I like the best!Which really is why I got the username from,and the tug you see in my points box photo,that's the character he voices!He also is my favorite character on the show!His cockney accent imitation is amazing too!I'm able to copy just perfectly,bcause I use it!If you wonder why,here's the story.I was risen in Cockney from ages 0-3.Then we came to America.I was dazzled at the sight!My father was originally from Italy,and my mom was rissen here,but is Italian too.I inherited Scottish from my Uncle Donald,and German from my cousin Robert.But lets not get into that,wait we did.But let's get out of my cultures,this guy's voice was genius!moreless
  • This is the real Ten Cents!

    Although I don't know much of Simon Nash, I can honestly say he played an excellent role on "TUGS" as the main star, Ten Cents. He has a very practical voice at that. Simon Nash was born on September 7, 1972. Basically, that is all I know of Nash at the moment, and also that he plays Garth Stubbs on the television show "Birds of a Feather". He is a wonderful actor, and hope to find out more of him soon. My newest goal is to become the editor for this person, as also to become editor for TUGS as well. For all whom read this, I hope you agree.moreless