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    • Simone's skills include aerobics, badminton, basketball, baton twirling, cycling, fencing, jump roping, kick boxing, netball, pilates, table tennis, racquetball, rock climbing, running, squash, tennis, triathlon, volleyball and yoga. She also does boating, body surfing, canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkling, surfing, and swimming.

    • There was some controversy when Simone was cast in the lead role of Marama in the historical drama Greenstone because she looked too European to play the daughter of a Maori chief, and didn't actually know much about her Maori heritage. But she was eager to learn, and once she got over being nervous about that aspect of the role, she found she really enjoyed it. Before the filming began, she studied the Maori language and New Zealand history, and learned to perform some of the native dances.

    • While making the New Zealand film Greenstone, Simone had a very dangerous close call while riding a horse. The animal spooked, and the large wig she was wearing got caught in a tree's branches, leaving her unable to dodge the horse's kicking hooves. Fortunately she was not seriously injured in the accident.

    • Simone was featured on the cover of the New Zealand Listener magazine in May of 1999. She was also interviewed by the New Zealand Herald in May of 1999 regarding her role in the movie Greenstone.

    • In 2002, Simone acted as Master of Ceremonies for the Drug Action Week event held in New South Wales, Australia. She was well known for her role in the show Undercover Angels, which brought assistance to people in need of help in various issues.

    • Simone dated Ryan Stokes of Seven magazine fame before marrying Greg Jordan.

    • Simone appeared in a "The Divine Mother Prenatal Yoga Series" DVD when she was six months pregnant made by Anna Getty. The DVD was aimed at teaching Kundalini Yoga to pregnant women. Getty said that she liked that Simone was definitely not the "rail thin blonde you tend to find in other yoga videos", and that she brought great energy to the project.

    • Simone's theatre credits include:
      Been So Long "Simone", Stables Theatre, dir. Chris Mead
      Amco Riders "Sally",Tamarama Rock Surfers, dir. Alan Flower
      Feet First, "Artemis", Maidment Theatre

    • In 2004, Simone became engaged to Australian director Gregor Jordan. In January 2005 she gave birth to son Jack in while living in LA.

    • Simone is of mixed Maori (her tribal affiliations are Tuwharetoa and Ngai te Rangi) and pakeha (white European) descent.

    • Simone is 5'8" tall, with black hair and brown eyes.

    • Simone is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird Management.

  • Quotes

    • Simone: (on learning a Maori "karanga" dance for her movie "Greenstone") Tungia [Baker, her co-star] took me aside and we stood on the balcony in my Ponsonby apartment where I was staying and she started doing it and she goes, 'I want you to do it now' and I go 'oh, auntie, there's a whole lot of apartments here' and she goes 'you just do it'. (afterwards) I felt this immense power and I just went 'hey, I've done it' and that gave me confidence. I went 'good girl, keep going, you can do anything now.'

    • Simone: (on the historical drama "Greenstone") We have to remember this isn't a documentary. There are aspects that are fact, there are also huge aspects that are romantic, that are drama. At the end of the day it is a beautiful story and that's OK because that's why we watch television, why we pay to go to films, to go to the theatre. We're telling a story and if people want to call it a myth, they can.

    • Simone: (on making the film "Stickmen") While we were making it the boys were also living, eating, sleeping and farting bloody pool and that was their whole thing. I didn't share the same passion. It was very much a male-oriented experience, I think, which is fantastic... a good change.