Simone Lahbib

Simone Lahbib


2/6/1965, Stirling, Scotland

Birth Name

Simone Nicole Jean Lahbib Ould Cheikl


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In an interview in 2007 Simone suggested that she would not back-down from a possible one-off reunion of Bad Girls characters Nikki and Helen.

    • Simone's aspiration is to star in a film. However, she doesn't think the Hollywood path would suit her.

    • Simone was the victim of a violent crime when she was followed home and mugged several years ago.

    • Simone is frank in explaining her motivation to succeed - financial incentive.

    • Simone is not afraid of nudity within a role. She has appeared naked on various programs as well as on-stage in theater.

    • Simone used to keep fit and healthy by attending both karate and judo classes.

    • Due to her unusual name, Simone was victim to some racial bullying when she was a child growing-up in Scotland.

    • Simone trained and studied drama at Queen Margaret College in Edinburgh after being introduced to acting when she was offered a small part in a film, 'The Girl in the Picture'.

    • Simone prefers the city life to that of the more peaceful country-side, though she felt her uprbinging in Stirling managed to combine both well.

    • On being broke once, Simone set-up and ran her own cafe in the London borough of Camden, employing all her friends from the acting business who had no work at the time.

    • After leaving school, Simone actually attended a full-time ballet school before she decided that she wanted to act.

    • Simone is unluckily allergic to chocolate.

    • Simone got married to husband Raffaello Degruttola in 2003. Raff is also an actor and the two met on-set.

    • After appearing as Prison Officer Helen on the popular 'Bad Girls', who has a relationship with female prisoner Nikki, Simone has not only received lots of lesbian fanmail, but was also harrassed by one over-zealous fan who managed to get hold of her mobile number.

    • Simone has admitted that she found filming the recent series of 'Wire in the Blood' very difficult as she had to leave her daughter Skye for periods of time.

    • Simone once had a bad experience with an elephant; whilst in South Africa, in a wildlife reserve, her drunken guide taunted an angry elephant, scaring the tourists. However, the elphant quickly disappeared when the guide threw a stone at the creature.

    • Simone is half French, with many family members still living in France. She feels a fond attachment to the country, which she has visited regularly ever since she was a child.

    • One of Simone's favourite places is Tuscany, in Italy; her husband has Italian roots so they visit at least once a year and Simone finds the people friendly and the food, divine.

    • Simone gave birth to a daughter, Skye, in October 2005.

  • Quotes

    • Simone: Love scenes have never bothered me. I sometimes worry what my family thinks. It's only acting after all.

    • Simone: Growing up in Stirling wasn't easy, I didn't go through my childhood wrapped in cotton wool. At times it was tough. So I suppose that strengthened my resolve to take the plunge as an actress. A lot of Scots woman I know are feisty and have strong personalities. I'm a bit like that, too. I love bringing that aspect of my own personality into my roles on screen.

    • Simone: I enjoy controversy. I thrive on it. I love taking on roles which really make people talk, and have some kind of impact. I wasn't frightened to play the lesbian love scenes. It's just another acting role, that's how I view it.

    • Simone: I'm a fairly feisty Scottish lass who doesn't back down from a good fight and my husband would agree with me on that one.

    • Simone: I wanted to be a yummy mummy but I don't even have time to brush my hair.

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  • absolutely wonderful

    Simone is a fantastic actor with a natural screen presence, she is beautiful and sexy and scottish what more could a girl want.

    From her early Taggart days right through ti her up and coming Wire in the Blood she has been flawless, but her finest character so far was the Beautiful Helen Stewart in Bad Girls her parting scene with character Nikki wade will go down in history as one of the most touching scenes in Tv. excellent!moreless