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Simple Plan came about in stages that began with the founding of the band Reset in 1995, a Canadian punk rock band, by high-school friends Pierre Bouvier, Charles-Andr (Chuck) Comeau and Adrien White. Reset toured around Canada with bands such as MxPx, Ten Foot Pole, and Face to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Their album No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls was released with different songs in different parts of the world. Some countries got all 14 songs, but others only got 12 or 13 songs.

    • Pierre Bouvier's mom didn't get how the title of their first album, No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls was funny.

    • The song My Christmas List is a bonus track on their album, No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls, and is the second part of the song, Grow Up.

    • Mark Hoppus of blink-182, and more recently (+44), appears in their video for I'd Do Anything.

    • They headlined Vans Warped Tour 2003.

    • Simple Plan has their own Myspce account.

    • Joel Madden of Good Charlotte sings backup for the song "You Don't Mean Anything" and Mark Hoppus of +44 sings backup for the song "I'd Do Anything."

    • They are signed with Lava and Atlantic records.

    • They are a pop punk band.

    • They have released two DVD's, A Big Package for You and MTV Hard Rock Live.

    • They have been featured on at least 18 different soundtracks.

    • The song Welcome to My Life was heard in one episode of Smallville.

    • Simple Plan won their first Juno in April 2005 for People's Choice Favourite Canadian Band.

    • Shut Up! is played in one episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

    • Simple Plan also made an appearance on the 2004 movie, New York Minute, starring Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen.

    • Drummer Chuck Comeau once dated WWE Diva Ashley Massaro.

    • Pierre Bouvier got hit in the face by a bottle at a show in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on September 9, 2005 and had to be taken to the hospital. Police later reported the bottle was thrown by a girl who got caught up in the moment. No charges were filed.

    • The band won Favorite Canadian Band Award in Canada (MMVA). Simple Plan has won this award for a record breaking four years in a row beating Sum 41.

    • The Motley Crue song "If I Die Tomorrow" was originally written by Simple Plan for Still Not Getting Any... but it was never put on the album, most likely because the subject matter was too close to that of the song, "Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me)". Bob Rock, who was producing the Motley Crue album as well as having produced Still Not Getting Any... passed the song onto them with SP's permission.

    • Simple Plan's "Grow Up" was the original choice for the theme song for popular show The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody.

    • Me Against The World was also briefly heard in an episode of the television show Desperate Housewives and also in an episode of Charmed.

    • Simple Plan's song "The Worst Day Ever" can be vaguely heard in an episode of the television show King of the Hill.

    • Simple Plan have contributed 3 notable songs to the recent Scooby Doo revival - "Grow Up" is featured on the soundtrack to the first film, "Don't Wanna Think About You" was written exclusively for the second film, and they perform the theme song to What's New, Scooby-Doo?. They also appeared in an episode of the show, entitled Simple Plan and The Invisible Madman.

    • It was the chance meeting of Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau at a Sugar Ray concert in 1999 that began the reunion of past bandmates that ultimately resulted in Simple Plan.

    • Untitled from album Still Not Getting Any... is the only song from the album that lyrics does not appear.

    • Their album No Pad, No Helmets... Just Balls was recorded at producer Arnold Lanni's Arnyard Studio in Toronto.

    • Their debut album No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls went platinum in Canada and gold in the US & Japan.

    • Birthdays: Pierre Bouvier - May 9, 1979 Chuck Comeau - September 17, 1979 Sebastien Lefebvre - June 5, 1981 David Desrosiers - August 29, 1980 Jeff Stinco -August 22, 1978

    • Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau were formerly in the band Reset.

    • All five members are French-Canadian.

    • As of 2006 they have nine singles; "I'm Just A Kid", "I'd Do Anything" "Addicted", "Perfect", "Don't Wanna Think About You" and the most recent, "Welcome to My Life", "Shut Up!", "Untitled", and "Crazy."

    • They performed their song "Untitled" at the teen choice awards in 2005.

    • Songs from their album Still Not Getting Any...: Shut Up, Welcome To My Life, Perfect World, Thank You, Me Against The World, Crazy, Jump, Everytime, Promise, One, and Untitled.

    • Their song "I'm Just A Kid" was played on Cheaper By The Dozen and is on the Cheaper By The Dozen soundtrack.

    • Simple Plan has had their videos "Addicted" and "Untitled" retired on TRL.

    • Simple Plan once toured with Good Charlotte.

    • They wrote the song "Perfect" because thier parents didn't want them to start a band.

    • Sebastian is the youngest of all five of the band members.

    • Their friend Patrick designs Role Model outfits Pierre and Chuck wears.

    • Their good friend and the creator of Role Model Clothing Compnay, Pat, always tours with them and had appeared in all of their videos to date, except for "Crazy."

    • There album No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls contains these songs: I'd Do Anything, Worst Day Ever, You Don't Mean Anything, I'm Just A Kid, When I'm With You, Meet You There, Addicted, My Alien, God Must Hate Me, I Won't Be There, One Day, Perfect.

  • Quotes

    • Pierre Bouvier: I'm not a rockstar. I'm just a loser who got lucky.

    • Jeff: It takes a lot of balls for 5 canadian boys to get out there and conquer the world!
      Pierre (Adds it up): It takes 10 balls.

    • Pierre: Tell me, does it feel good to be like you? (points at Seb while singing, 'You Don't Mean Anything'.)

    • Sebastien: You see that fridge? That's going down. You see that well over there? That's going down. You see that fan over there? Yep, going down. Do you see.....this arcade behind me? That's guess what? Going see that set of stairs? That's staying there, sorry.

    • Sebastien: Pierre's my husband.

    • (Question asked to Seb): What color crayon would you be and why?
      Sebastien: Indigo 'cause, when you're looking for a black crayon, you pick this one. You start writing and it's blue. Then you said "God dammit!"...booyah!!!

    • Sebastien: It's true, Chuck's fav color is really pink!

    • Sebastien: There is a belief of reincarnation and everything and every generation there's a new baboon, and for our generation, it's Jeff.Jeff is the baboon.

    • Chuck: I truly admire how David can entertain himself and others with nothing at all.

    • Chuck: (Talking about Jeff's butt) How 'bout cha butt?

    • Chuck: I like songs where I listen and it makes me shiver.

    • David: (explaining how he sprained his ankle) I was skateboarding and tried to be cool, and uh, I was actually cool for a little moment, and uh, I was following Pierre from too close, and I was sure he was gonna go from top of the ramp, instead he did a little trick and came down, and then, uh, me and Pierre hit each other. It was a fucking mess.

    • Seb: (being Pierre) Hey were in spain the sun is shining and I'm a dumbass.

    • Seb: He came up and said 'Hey I'm Mark McGrath' and I was like 'No... really?"

    • Seb: Kid spelt backwards is dik!

    • Seb: (Playing with Chuck's shoelaces) Hi, I'm Seb and I'm playing Chuck's shoe.

    • Seb: Sometimes I push Chuck and he punches me in the face.

    • Seb: This is morning me. This is how I look in the morning... just as good as I look at night, baby!

    • Seb: (to Patrick) If I die tonight on stage, I want you to know that I fucked your mom.

    • Seb: We're more scared of ladders than we are of roofs.

    • Seb: When there's no top on the bus, it's windy.

    • Seb: I'm always sick so I'm really scronful!
      David: You know what, Seb, you sould sleep in a big giant condom!!!

    • David: Guys what the heck!?!

    • David: We don't say aboot.

    • David: That song was made while I was swimming around in my dad's balls. (Talking about 'Happy Together').

    • David: Is it okay if we start crying? (On the 'Perfect' video shoot.)

    • David: Ohh! Look at that! Japanese boxers! I look like a fucking tennis player!

    • David: Banana! Double Banana! That means it has two bananas in it!

    • David: I don't have a bellybutton.

    • David: I screamed like a fucking girl, apparently.

    • Chuck: We never asked everyone in the world to like our band. I think we make music for ourselves and the kids out there who enjoy it. The rest of the people don't have to come to out shows and don't have to fucking wear Simple Plan shirts.

    • Chuck: For everybody who hates our band, there's like 1000 kids who fucking love it. So, to me, that's a pretty good ratio. It's all good, it's all worth it.

    • Jeff: (About David) He's really A-D-D, but I think that's the beauty of his personality. You know, he sees everything and he runs after it. He see something else and moves on. He can't concentrate for more than 3 seconds at a time.

    • Jeff: I look way better than Moby.

    • Jeff: My number is 1-800-SEX-WITH-JEFF.

    • Patrick: We had this weird experiment, we thought Pierre would be better looking overseas, but he's not.

    • Patrick: The dentist say I need braces... I don't believe that.

    • Pierre Bouvier: People that hate our band, they will never hate me enough to make me stop it. They don't phase me. They go out there and tell us to fuck off or they flip us off or whatever, it's like, that's nothing to me. It's like I love what I do so much they will never stop me from doing it no matter how loud they scream, I will scream louder. And I will always be there for people who love us. They could never boo me off stage, I'll keep playing until my set's over and that's it.

    • Pierre Bouvier: Okay, that was funny (After Chuck didn't start drumming in the beginning of 'My Alien' which made Pierre jump alone like an idiot on stage).

    • Pierre Bouvier: Pat's ironic humor and sarcastic behavior has gotten him into trouble once again and now he has a black eye. A little shiner as we call it.

    • Pierre Bouvier: I find Benji more attractive than Joel. He's more my style. If I were a girl, I'd do him first.

    • Pierre Bouvier: That's Trevor, our sound guy. He's got a nice...ass.

    • Pierre Bouvier: I have to let it dry in its natural state, then I apply the sperm. [talking about doing his hair.]

    • Pierre Bouvier: Today we are gonna sing 'The Worst Day Ever' because my vocal chords have been having the worst day ever.

    • Pierre Bouvier: This is where the engineer, like, works here and says, 'do it again, it sucked!.'

    • Sebastien Lefebvre: David screams in his sleep, or talks backwards. I think he might be an alien.

    • Pierre Bouvier: We're French, we speak Canadian.

    • Pierre Bouvier: People that hate our band, they will never hate me enough to make me stop, they don't phase me. I love what I do so much and they will never stop me from doing it. No matter how loud they scream, I will scream louder and I will always be there for the people that love us.

    • Chuck Comeau: You know what I do? This is when you know you're obsessed. When you go on Webcrawler and you type in your band name and you read what people say. It's great, I do it all the time! I love when people say "I hope you choke on broken glass!" Yaayyy! I want to!

  • I love Simple Plan!

    Omg, Simple Plan is like my favorite band ever! They are just so awesome and really nice because I'm met them when they were hoildaying in NZ! Their songs are so touching and warm and it feel like they know us and what a teenager feel. I love you, Pieree, Seb, Chuck, David and Jeff! Five handsome, awesome guys from Canada! I have all their songs and t-shirts! I just more people liked them. Simple Plan will be my most favourite forever and I can't wait untill they release more great albums. I love watching Pieree on Damage Control too. Simple Plan rocks my world! Rock On! :D:Dmoreless
  • I used to like them alot but now...

    ...I'm not really in to these guys anymore because I realized how annoying their whinny songs are. They're all about my life sucks, the world hates me, me against the world, your a liar, you're deceitful..... The list of annoying whinny songs go on and on and on. Their songs are catchy but come on! I don't want to listen to complaining and call it music. If I wanted to do that I'd babysit my little sister all day long. Or I could go to school and listen to all the whinny people there. I do like punk music every now and then but not if they're going to complain. Sorry Simple Plan but I really don't like your stuff anymore.moreless