11/9/1978, Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

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Mark Althaven Andrews


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Sisqo (It is reported his name, Sisqo, means "sweet, yet strong"), who's real name is Mark Althavan Andrews, was born November 9, 1978, in Baltimore, Maryland. While he may not seem the most imposing R&B artist at only 5'5" and wears a size 6 in shoes, Sisqo does…more


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  • First of all,I would like to say....Sisqo' is the MOST charming,SEXY,and Talented singers I know of! He has Big HITS songs including Thong Song,Incomplete,Addicted,and tons of more!He made the group Dru Hill.He was the lead Singer and the best of tmoreless

    Sisqo(Mark Andrews) was born November 9,1978.

    As he was growing up he did get in some trouble.

    But,if you like a singer you shouldn't judge him as what other people say or his past.See,thats the problem.Sisqo has alot of talent,and he's also so Sexy!Then theirs some people that says he can't sang,and they haven't even herd one of his songs.Once some one told me that Sisqo sucks I said no he don't.I asked her what song did she hear of his to make her think that,and she said she haven't herd none of his songs.Then I asked then how could you say he sucks if you haven't herd none of his songs,then she said because he's a rapper and rappers suck.I told Sisqo was not a rapper he sangs R&B,and POP!And I also said you should hear one of his songs before you judge him.

    Their are also people who say they used to like Sisqo' but how can they still like him when he don't sing no more.Then,some say he was good at one time but he faded away.Then their are tons of people waiting for him to release a new album because they thinks he's great.I am also waiting for him to release a new album so He can prove that he's great and he didn't fade away!They just wait Sisqo will be back and he will blast all these's new singers off the map!SISQO' is the GREATEST and DON'T YOU FORGET IT!