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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • John collects action figures and life size superheros.

    • John has two children, Xavier and Alexandria.

    • John Cooper is married to Korey Cooper, the keyboardist/guitarist for Skillet.

    • John L. Cooper, lead singer and bassist, was born on April 7, 1975.

    • GMA Dove Award Wins:

      "Rock Recorded Song of the Year" for "Comatose" at the 39th Annual GMA Dove Awards on April 23rd 2008

    • Skillet has received two Grammy nominations:

      "Best Rock Gospel Album" in 2005 (Collide) "Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album" in 2007 (Comatose)

    • Albums:

      Skillet (1996) Hey You, I Love Your Soul (1998) Invincible (2000) Ardent Worship (2000) Alien Youth (2001) Collide (2003) Comatose (2006)

    • 'Comatose'

      01: Rebirthing 02: The Last Night 03: Yours to Hold 04: Better Than Drugs 05: Comatose 06: The Older I Get
      07: Those Nights
      08: Falling Inside the Black 09: Say Goodbye
      10: Whispers in the Dark 11: Looking for Angels

    • 'Alien Youth':

      01. Alien Youth
      02. Vapor
      03. Earth Invasion
      04. You Are My Hope
      05. Eating Me Away
      06. Kill Me, Heal Me
      07. The Thirst Is Taking Over
      08. One Real Thing
      09. Stronger
      10. Rippin' Me Off
      11. Will You Be There (Falling Down) 12. Come My Way

    • 'Ardent Worship':

      01. Who Is Like Our God
      02. Your Name Is Holy
      03. How Deep the Father's Love for Us 04. Jesus, Jesus (Holy and Anointed One) 05. We're Thirsty 06. Jesus Be Glorified 07. Sing to the Lord
      08. Angels Fall Down 09. Safe With You
      10. Shout to the Lord

    • Invisible:

      01. Best Kept Secret
      02. You Take My Rights Away
      03. Invincible
      04. Rest
      05. Come On To The Future
      06. You're Powerful
      07. I Trust You
      08. Each Other
      09. The Fire Breathes
      10. Say It Loud
      11. The One
      12. You're In My Brain

      The final track also contains the hidden song "Angels Fall Down".

    • Hey You, I Love Your Soul:

      01. Hey You, I Love Your Soul
      02. Deeper
      03. Locked in a Cage
      04. Your Love (Keeps Me Alive)
      05. More Faithful
      06. Pour
      07. Suspended In You
      08. Take
      09. Coming Down
      10. Whirlwind
      11. Dive Over In
      12. Scarecrow

    • Skillet:

      01. I Can
      02. Gasoline
      03. Saturn
      04. My Beautiful Robe 05. Promise Blender 06. Paint
      07. Safe with You 08. You Thought
      09. Boundaries 10. Splinter

    • In late 1996, they released their first album called 'Skillet'.

    • Ken Steorts used to be the guitarist for the band, Urgent Cry.

    • John Cooper used to be the bassist and vocalist for the band, Seraph.

    • Skillet has released seven studio albums.

    • The band formed in 1996.

    • They have recieved grammy nominations for Collide and Comatose

    • The band consists of John Cooper (lead vocalist, bassist), Korey Cooper (guitarist, keyboardist, backing vocalist), Ben Kasica (guitarist), and Jen Ledger (drummer).

    • The band was formed in Memphis, Tennessee.

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