Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless


12/4/1951, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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John Edward Bayless II


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Slimy piece of human debris who calls himself a sportswriter and appears as a "commentator" on ESPN shows such as The Sports Reporters, Cold Pizza, and Pardon the Interruption. Bayless is notorious for making outrageous, almost slanderous statements regarding athletes and for making wild predictions which almost never…more


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  • Trivia

    • In another in a long line of stupid ideas, Skip recently suggested that the University of Alabama hire Barry Switzer as their next head football coach.

    • Skip is never imitated but he's frequently constipated.

    • Skip once said that he could beat Lance Armstrong in a footrace.

    • Skip refuses to discuss his own sexuality but its pretty safe to say that he's covered the waterfront.

    • Skip inexplicably said that Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren had a great gameplan for the Super Bowl.

    • Notorious poser and wannabe Lisa Gastineau of the E! reality series Gastineau Girls recently dissed Skip by saying he's the one man in America she'd never date under any circumstance.

    • Skip says he can't wait to look in the mirror each morning because he gets better looking each day.

    • Skip says it's hard for him to be humble because he's perfect in every way.

    • A wag once quipped that Skip put the anus in the planet Uranus.

    • Skip finally got a prediction right when he picked the Pittsburgh Steelers to defeat the Denver Broncos in the AFC Champhionship game and advance to the Super Bowl.

    • Skip's least favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. He once likened them to a criminal gang.

    • Fellow staffers at the Dallas Morning News threw Skip a going away party when he left the paper--and didn't bother to invite him.

    • Skip frequently refers to the Ohio State Buckeyes as the Ohio State Suckeyes.

    • In 2004, Skip was named the Poster Boy for Anal Retention by the AMA.

    • Skip once played the tail end of a donkey in a grade school play. Many say he's continued to play that role throughout the course of his life.

    • A critic once called Skip the Gore Vidal of sports journalism.

    • Skip's brother, Rick, owns two restaurants in Chicago which specialize in Mexican food: Topolobampo and Frontera Grill.

    • Skip says that LeBron James is overrated as a basketball player and that the Cleveland Cavaliers would have made the playoff in 2005 if James hadn't been such a distraction.

    • Skip is an amateur movie reviewer who often needlessly inserts movie reviews into his columns about sports.

    • Skip's two least favorite college football teams are the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Texas Longhorns.

    • When Skip was born the doctor took one look at him and slapped his mother.

    • Skip once dipped his face in batter so he could make gorilla cookies.

    • Skip writes a regular column for Page 2 of ESPN's website.

    • Skip says that baseball player Rafael Palmeiro isn't Hall of Fame material.

    • According to Skip the only two baseball teams in existence are the Bahstan Red Sox and the Noo Yawk Yankees. He refuses to talk about any of the other major league baseball teams which is in accordance with ESPN's policy that the Yankees and Red Sox are the only two teams that matter.

    • Skip has a long standing feud with Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane.

    • Skip occasionally substitutes for Jim Rome on both Rome's radio and TV shows. The ratings usually suffer a substantial decline when this occurs.

    • Skip's nickname among fellow ESPN employees is "the Human Anus."

    • Skip said he quit the Chicago Tribune in 2001 because they wanted to shorten the length of his column but others say that Tribune manangement was simply fed up with his lousy writing and fired him.

    • One rumored reason for Skip's dislike of Troy Aikman is that Aikman rebuffed Skip's homosexual advances towards him.

    • Skip's favorite drink is Diet Mountain Dew.

    • Skip hates Philadelphia Eagles WR Terrell Owens whom he nicknamed "Terribly Overrated."

    • Skip hates the sport of ice hockey.

    • In the early 90's Skip wrote a column wich urged the Dallas Cowboys to dump starting QB Troy Aikman and start backup Steve Walsh. Bayless said that Aikman would never amount to a decent NFL QB. Aikman went on to lead the Cowboys to three Super Bowl titles.

    • Sklp's first sportswriting job out of college was with the Miami Herald. As would be the case with subsequent jobs, he was eventually fired.

    • Skip predicted that the Indianapolis Colts would destroy the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 38-6 in the 2006 AFC semi-finals. The Steelers won the game 21-18

    • In 2005 Skip referred to the Noo Yawk Yankees and their aging pitching staff as the Old Yawk Yankees.

    • Skip predicted that USC would destroy Texas in the Rose Bowl for the National Championship. Texas won the game by a score of 41-38.

    • In 2005 Skip criticized Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops' decision to suspend star RB Adrian Peterson for skipping classes saying that it was Stoops' job to win football games not graduate players.

    • Politically, Skip is a liberal Democrat.

    • Skip once wrote a book about former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry entitled God's Coach.

    • Skip is a huge fan of the Oklahoma Sooners football team.

    • Skip attended Vanderbilt University on a scholarship but hated the place and never misses a chance to denigrate his alma mater in one of his columns or on television.

    • Skip's parents owned a barbecue restaurant in Oklahoma City when he was growing up.

  • Quotes

  • Knows nothing about sports.

    Maybe Skip Bayless is a nice guy away from sports and anything related to sports. But the fact is, he knows NOTHING about any sport. First his opinion always changes just for him to save face and not be proven wrong. He says outrageous things that are clearly about improving ratings and making people watch the show. But you can only listen to so much of what he says. On the show he is usually on, he twists his own words around so you can't really get a good understanding about what he really means. I think he needs to brush up on sports and such. Thank you.moreless
  • skip bayless sucks

    i cant stand listening to skip anymore.he has to be the worst sports writer there many times can 1 person go on t.v and make such idiotic claims and always be wrong and still have a job? example. randy moss is washed up.the suns will be in the finalls of 08.barry bonds is a good fit for the d-backs.the cardinals will win the must be nice to live in his accountability for stupid where he lives.the man should not i repeat should not be on my espn ever.he makes no claims in sports based on FACT all he does is guess and tell you what he thinks.hell i can do that and for alot less money and i would be no less than 80% mre correct than he could ever be.moreless