Skye Sweetnam

Skye Sweetnam


5/5/1988, Bolton, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Skye Alexandra Sweetnam


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Skye Sweetnam - "Billy S.": How To Deal's energetic first single comes from one of Capitol Records' most recent signings. Skye Sweetnam is a talented-beyond-her years young girl from a small Canadian town (the Toronto sub-suburb Bolton, pop. 15,000), who creates indelible pop anthems of teen rebellion straight…more


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  • My Favorite Singer.

    Skye Sweetnam is probably my favorite singer. She has the types of songs that, even if you listen to them over and over again, (which I do) you won't get sick of them. Sharada, Unpredictable, Smoke and Mirrors, Sugar Guitar, I Don't Care, and Superstar (cover of the song "Superstar" by S.H.E) are my favorites. One of the things I like about her is that a lot of her songs sound really different than her others, so I like the variety. Also, I love how many of her songs DON'T have to do with relationships, which I am tired of hearing about. And the ones that do often don't make her sound like she's whining. She's supposedly very artsy too, and I love how she seems to relate to a lot of her fans. Review over, Evening_Haze... out. :)moreless
  • I've been listening to her music lately, and from what I haerd, she's a fake!

    Skye Sweetnam might have a lovely singing voice, but the kinds of songs she sings, makes her sound like a wonnabee rebel! Billy S and Number One are good examples of that statement. She looks like the preppy girl at your school, but acts like the punk chick. She's not even that pretty, and we don't know what else she can do. I'm just glad that she's not that popular in the music world. So lets just hope that this poser doesn't make anymore songs!!moreless