Skyler Stone

Skyler Stone


1/1/1979, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Birth Name

Skyler Stone



Also Known As

Mikey St. Albin
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Skyler played the role of Louden Downey in a production of "A Few Good Men."

    • Skyler Stone is an actor/comedian with an amazing ability to "con" people. Comedy Central has decided to put cameras on this wiz kid to see what sort of elaborate pranks he can pull off, on Con.

    • Son of Joe Clipner, who is a critically acclaimed creative writer in advertising. His work has won Addy's, Clio's, and many other awards.

      Alumnus of Western Michigan University (same school fellow actors Tim Allen and Bruce Campbell attended).

      Attended Western Michigan University, where he studied Communications and hosted a movie talk show with Phillip Andreadis at the campus radio station. Fellow actors Tim Allen and Bruce Campbell also went to WMU.

      Is a stand-up comedian.

      Won the $25,000 grand prize on the first ever episode of Dog Eat Dog.

      Is a student at Playhouse West and the Groundlings.

      He was a contestant on at least two game shows before his foray into producing his own show - "Whammy" on the Game Show Network, and "Dog Eat Dog" on NBC. He won on both shows.

    • Skyler Stone's default alias on "The Con," Mike St. Aubin, is the same as his character, Mike 'The Bully' St. Aubin, on "Flipped."

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  • Skyler Stone is my hero and personally favorite actor/comedian.

    Skyler Stone is histerical, from his short films that he and "Velcro Troupe" create to his show on comedy central, he is awesome. You might also recognize him from waiting he was the blonde haired cook who did they garlic salt scene and other histerical parts through out the film. His show on comedy central "con" was aired for sadly a short period of time. He and "velcro troupe" have created short films called "Fizz: the lost rice krispie", "Halloween with the Pitts" and last but not least "A Cruisemas Carol". Even though they are only 13 mins each they are very funny. And hopefully he will have many more more to come, not only short films but other bigger movie and t.v. parts.moreless