7/23/1965, Staffordshire, England

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Saul Hudson


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Slash was lead guitarist of Guns N Roses. He married his wife, Perla Ferrar on October 15, 2001. They have 2 children, London Emilio Hudson (born August 28th, 2002), and Cash Anthony Hudson (born June 23rd, 2004.) Slash is now the lead guitarist of Velvet Revolver, along with…more


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    • Slash: Y'know, you got to make choices in life. You can't keep on following bands around your whole life and partying out. One day you're gonna wake up and you'll be 30 years old and you won't have done a damn thing with your life.

    • Slash: My peers suck. They're really bad. I hope that in another five years Guns N' Roses isn't considered another Poison or Kingdom Come. I hope were remembered as being different. I mean were in a bad time for rock'n roll now. It's like here in the late '80s, people just aint doing anything from their soul. It's turned into a very business and money oriented type industry. I would hope that we're a bit away from that as far as the music goes. Don't forget we didn't have to play any games to get signed. We told people that we were gonna do just what we said we'd do and that's the only way we'd sign a contract. And we stuck to it.

    • Slash: We're not stupid. Axl doesn't do drugs or hardly drink anymore. He lives to be on that stage. He eats, sleeps and plays. That's it. Izzy hardly even smokes anymore. Steven doesn't have any problems in those regards and Duff and I drink. I'm not a practicing drug addict anymore.

    • Slash: I try and get my sleep but I'm just a naturally excitable person and can't get much sleep on the road. We always seem to be on the bus at night. My whole personal life is wrapped up in this band and its real real hard to separate the two. I like to drink and hang out a lot. I have a steady girlfriend, but I only see her twice a year when I'm not touring.

    • Slash: If I had one wish. I'd ask for a constant supply of Marlboros.

    • Slash: I got this reputation for being drunk all the time but I'm really not all that bad. I'm actually a nice shy kid.

    • Slash: We improvise the whole time we're playing. A lot of times we won't know that song we're gonna do and I'll suggest one and we'll debate it right there on stage. Sometimes I'll start improvising and they'll know not to mess around until I'm finished and I give them a nod. We do go off on our individual things but it somehow all stays together. We do the whole show like that. We screw up every so often but not that much.

    • Slash: The last job I had was in a music store and I got fired. One job I never even showed up at because Motley Crue was recording in LA. so I went to hang out outside the studio.

    • Slash: The cool thing is that in reality you can't put a label on us. Come down to our shows and watch. You'll see that there's every kind of fan at our shows. There's the hardcore metal heads, there's the hardcore punks, all kinds of people. There's that whole whitefaced make-up with the black hair scene and then all the really young kids that have just gotten out of junior high school.

    • Slash: The sense of humor inside the band suits me fine. I don't have to go down to the Comedy Shop to get a joke. I can find that here.

    • Slash: Longevity ain't a problem for us at all. Longevity is something that everybody else thinks about, not us. We're just going to keep doing this until its no fun anymore. I know that's almost a cliche but it's true. When its not a turn-on anymore, that s when we quit. We're not going to be one of these bands who say. 'well, we got to keep going out there even though we hate-every minute of it.

    • Slash: (revealing he regrets fighting with Guns 'n' Roses band members) Recently, Velvet Revolver had to induct Van Halen into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame because they were fighting and couldn't do it themselves. It changed my view. Fighting with band members is so childish.

    • Slash: (when asked about the possibility of a Guns N Roses reunion) I'd have to say it's unlikely. There's too much bad blood there.

  • One of the greatest guitars players I've ever had the pleasure of seeing.

    An incredible guitar player, Slash was the lead guitarest for Guns n' Roses and is now in the same position in Velvet Revolver with fellow ex-GnR bandmates Matt Sorum (Drums) and Duff McKagan (Bass). His awesome solos lit up every GnR song and the intensity with which he played was amazing. Definately one of the greatest guitar players I've ever seen.