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Slipknot is a Nu-Metal band that formed in Des Moines, Iowa, in November 1995. Their sound has been described as "a threshing machine devouring a military drum corps." They released their debut album, Slipknot, in 1999.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Anders Colsefini not only originally sang for Slipknot, he also played tribal drums.

    • Corey Taylor is actually Slipknot's second lead vocalist, while the first being Anders Colsefini.

    • The song "Before I Forget", was their first Grammy-award winning song, featured on the album "Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses".

    • Starting with the debut of their new album, All Hope Is Gone, Slipknot has released three singles: All Hope Is Gone, Psychosocial, and Dead Memories.

    • Slipknot release their newest album, All Hope Is Gone, on August 20th, 2008.

    • Starting with the release of their new album, All Hope Is Gone, the Slipknot members are wearing new masks.

    • The song "Killers Are Quiet", on their orignal debut album, "Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.", was supposedly inspired by their sampler (back then guitarist), Craig "133" Jones. Their original vocalist, Anders Colsefini, explained that he was eerily quiet during the recording of the album.

    • Slipknot presented the the award for Most Thrilling Killing at the First Annual Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards 2006. This was also the very first award presented.

    • Corey and Jim have shot their new Stone Sour video for "Through Glass" in Frank Sinatra's former home on the Chatsworth, California hilltop.

    • Before Slipknot wore identical coveralls, Corey wore a priest costume. This earned him the nickname "Faith", which he still hates to this day.

    • At 6'6", Jim Root is the tallest band member.

    • Contrary to popular belief, James is taller than Mick.

    • The picture on the cover of Slipknot was taken in Shawn's parents' garage. It shows the band members with all their original masks.

    • The sample in the beginning of the song (sic), when a person says "Here comes the pain", was said by Al Pacino in he movie Carlito's Way. Craig plays the sample in the song.

    • Mick plays the Bartender from The Shining in the Spit It Out video.

    • Jim has dyed his hair blond, purple and blue.

    • After Corey was asked to be in the band, he didn't tell the band he was going to join until a week later.

    • Corey originally wanted to play drums in the band.

    • Craig's first "mask" was actually an old racing helmet.

    • Originally, Craig joined Slipknot as a guitarist.

    • In the early Slipknot days, Shawn was called Kong.

    • The first track on the album Iowa, 515 represents the area code the members lived in, in their town.

    • Joey's full name is Nathan Jonas Jordison.

    • Shawn's favourite Slipknot song is Tattered And Torn. He said "If you really listen to the song and get the lyrics, you'll know what the Clown is all about".

    • Corey claims to have overdosed on cocaine twice as a teenager.

    • Craig has had whiplash from headbanging too hard.

    • Mick is a "night person" and loves cats.

    • Jim paints his fingernails black.

    • Spit It Out is the first song that Corey and Slipknot put together from scratch as a whole band. All the other songs were already written or they just re-did them.

    • The word "hate" is written on all Mick's guitars.

    • Paul lived in Los Angeles before moving to Des Moines.

    • Back in the early Slipknot days, Sid would set his records and himself on fire during shows. He only stopped because the fire marshal said he would be arrested for attempted suicide.

    • Sid's family is from England.

    • The term "maggots" used to describe Slipknot fans was first used by Joey. He said that when he looked out onto the crowd during a concert, to him it seemed that the fans were "feeding off the music".

    • Shawn is the oldest band member, and the first to wear a mask.

    • The album Iowa was released in 2001, as a tribute to the bands home town of Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

    • Matthew Amos directed the Disasterpieces concert.

    • Joey sometimes uses a rotating drum kit during concerts.

    • The last song played during the Disasterpieces concert was Surfacing.

    • On the Maggots Edits bonus feature of the Disasterpieces concert, all the Slipknot members had a different camera angle. Mick had a camera on the neck of his guitar, facing down the fretboard.

    • On the Disasterpieces DVD, the song
      Wait and Bleed appeared in its original form, and a new and improved 'animated' version.

    • The concert for the Disasterpieces DVD was filmed on 15th February, 2002, at London Arena, London, England. During filming, there were over 30 cameras used for a spectacular show from all angles.

    • The concert for the Disasterpieces DVD was filmed on 15th February, 2002, at London Arena, London, England. During filming, there were over 30 cameras used for a spectacular show from all angles.

    • The band have said that they will start working on the new album later this year (2006).

    • The Slipknot drummer, Joey Jordison, has 'promised' to appear on the future Annihalator CD.

    • Clown will deliver keynote speeches at this year's (2006) River Music Summit.

    • Their song My Plague appears on the soundtrack of the movie Resident Evil, which is based on the video game of the same name.

    • The band performed without their masks for the Before I Forget video, but you never see the whole face of a band member, only close-ups of their eyes and mouths.

    • The unreleased song Purity, which the band has played on tour, is about a real murder where a girl was buried alive and left to die.

    • The band is involved in raising awareness about hate crimes.

    • Shawn Crahan is in the band To My Surprise.

    • Sid Wilson performs as DJ Starscream

    • All of the Slipknot members wear masks when they perform.

    • Slipknot's first album was titled "Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat"

    • Slipknot band members:

      Sid Wilson - Turntablist

      Joey Jordison - Drummer/Guitarist

      Paul Gray - Bassist

      Chris Fehn - one of the three percussionists

      James Root - Rhythm guitar

      Craig Jones - Sampler/Keyboardist

      Shawn Crahan - Percussionist

      Mick Thompson - Lead Guitarist

      Corey Taylor - Vocalist

  • Quotes

    • Paul Gray: At a young age Corey liked to get down to the likes of "The King," Elvis, thanks to influences from his grandmother. Elvis was a great singer. His grandmother also helped him with buying equipment and his talent for music.

    • Corey Taylor: We aren't hiding behind these masks, we're actually revealing more to you than you might think. The mask I wear brings out all the **** inside me that I hate. Plus it hurts like hell, which helps my intensity. If you feel like talking, you talk, if you don't, you don't. So many people are like, 'gimmick, gimmick, gimmick,' **** you! You don't know what we're about! Our motto has always been, 'Music First.' Even if the masks and the coveralls weren't there, the music would still be good.

    • Corey Taylor: Basically, we don't give a **** about the media; we don't give a **** about the record industry; we don't give a **** about MTV, radio, any of that. We play this for us and for the kids who believe in us. They really got behind it.

    • Paul Gray: You can only stare at a clown mask so long. After a few minutes it's no big deal anymore. So people start paying attention to the music instead of what the clown is doing, or what he is wearing, or how cool his spikey hair is.

    • Shawn Crahan: (speaking of their masks) What we want to show kids is that you can come to a Slipknot show and not worry about what you look like or what group you're in.

    • Joey Jordison: Once in grade school, we were watching a movie with the lights out and I puked all over my desk. I was so freaked out that I tried to scoop it all up in my arms. It ruled, though, because it caused a 'vomitory'-three or four other people puked.

    • Slipknot: Some people may think that we hate Korn and Limp Bizkit, but that's not entirely true, we just hate Korn's 3rd album and Limp Bizkit's 2nd album. Their 1st albums, however, did greatly influence us. We do like Korn's album, Issues, some of it does sound like the 1st one, but they still could have perfected it. We've never met either of them, but we'd like to.

    • Shawn Crahan: We make sure everything we do is perfect. We spent too many years worshiping bands who **** up.

    • Shawn Crahan: I have one commandment. Be aware of your own mortality. Because as you live and achieve, the clicker is going down.

    • Corey Taylor: The goat, for us, is an image that's stuck in our heads since we were kids, coming from Iowa people are like 'Beware the horned goat of Satan!' and all that. It's bull****. It's just an animal.

  • Blech! Heavy Metal.

    I have heard some of their songs before & they sound like their trying to go on a killing spree. The voices sound like ****, the songs aren't my style, & their playing is useless. Heavy metal hurts my ears & even the sight of anything heavy metal just makes me wanna burn it all. Lame band. They need to disban.
  • An elitist's nightmare.

    Now, I am a fan of metal. But metal elitists annoy the s**t out of me. I'm all for loving metal, no problem with that, but the elitists take it way too far. Saying that all metal made after '93 sucks and calling any metal band that came after that time or a band that changed its style "mallcore" gets on my nerves, and causes a lot of inner turmoil to me.

    Slipknot is one of those bands that elitists cannot f**king stand. I really do not want to sound like one of those elitists.

    Now, good ol' Slipknot can be defined as the unholy lovechild of nu metal,metalcore and some noisecore thrown in for good measure. I'm open to genres and all, but those three fail to turn me on. That is saying something, considering that a lot of metal genres can turn me on.

    For some reason I feel as if I should start out with the bad points of the band. For one, Corey's voice. I've heard worse and all, but that voice, it's just annoying in some way. I should make it known right now, I do not mind screaming. Marco Hietala can scream. Tom Araya can scream. Alexi Laiho can scream. Rob Halford can scream. Tommi Salmela can scream (To a certain extent, and his screams are slightly operatic, so they may not count). But their screams are good, even enjoyable. But screaming is a very delicate procedure. It needs to be done correctly in order to be tolerable, or else you'll sound retarded. Corey does not master screaming here is Slipknot. It's a darn shame, I've heard him sing with Apocalyptica, and he actually can sing. If he utilized the voice he used with Apocalyptica. Slipknot would probably get a few more points on my score.

    Secondly, I feel a lack of guitars in the music. Their later stuff kind of remedies this situation, but metal is nothing without riffs and solos. If they're gonna be considered metal, they need some more guitar.

    But beneath all that, the band has its good points. The drumming is tight, and the overall music is not that f**king bad. And they can hold their own live, unlike some bands (Dragonforce in particular) I'm not gonna flame them for their fanbase or looks.

    Compared to most nu metal acts of today, Slipknot is pretty tight. But I cannot say they are more than average when compared to the rest of the metal act, even America's weak metal scene. Personally, the band offers nothing new to me.

    The other thing is, it seems mandatory to end a music review with a note saying who you'd recommend it too. Slipknot poses a problem here. I honestly don't know who I'd recommend this too. Maybe mallcore kiddies, but I've seen some non-mallcore metalheads who like them. I guess it's just something you should see for yourself. The band is largely hit or miss. If you approach it with an open mind, maybe you'll find something you'll like.moreless