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Smith Cho

Smith Cho

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Smith Cho


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Smith Cho is still a newcomer in the entertainment business but has already made some impressive marks. She has appeared in 2002's Bad Boys II, and numerous television shows including Er, Six Feet Under, Becker, and Boston Public. Cho has also appeared in more than 25 national commercials.


Trivia and Quotes

  • I think her career is going to explode soon!

    I really liked her in the new Knight Rider. I had to look her up! She is so beautiful and she is very marketable! I can't believe I have to write a minimum of 100 words to review her. I don't want to sound obsessed so I am just going to type this kind of stuff until I can get to 100 words. I just think she will start getting cast in alot more projects especially after her hot performance in Knight Rider! Go Cho!!! omg I cannot believe am still not at 100 yet. Please get me to 100. Finallymoreless