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  • One of the all time greats.

    Snejana "Snow" Urbin should've been such a bigger star. And she should've won the first season of So You Think You Can Dance? She is amazing. The only reason she left so early is because she got too much hip hop, and that is so rigged. She is not your average dancer, and is unique and what she brings is something your not expecting and not the usual boring dance. Her solos are also amazing, unique and I loved each and every one of them. If she was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance season 2 or 1 I think she would've made it a ton farther. I hope she is doing well (I think she is with her myspace and website and everything) and that she is unique and amazing. She can Dance!
  • Magic and Snejana. She is a beauty, that is given, But her dancing is divine indeed. A spirit boost. A tribute to magic and life. Homage to humans and love. Your dance is in my heart.

    Snejana or snow as they aptly renamed her, danced with grace. her spirit seemed untouchable, and i admit to have been found smiling during this. When she danced with that white and black dress, i felt into a trance not imidiatly but during her dance. I want her to know that her dancing overdid the dancing I saw in asia, China and Taiwan to be specific. Around her were and still is many great dancers. I admit her dance was not as acrobatic as others.. But i have seen enough dance to know that dance is a combination between our exterior and our interior. On that account Snow put on the best solo dance performance i have ever seen. Sensious, exotic, hypnotic, daring and erotic, as well as seducing, she is from now one unforgetable, and i know she will not stop dancing no matter what. I would like to learn things or know things from snejana, but this isnt about me; this is about on of our great dancers of time. And Snejana; if you read this, you should now that your dance.. it was like watching a snow godess trying to lure mortal men, it was unfair.. It was magic.
  • Snejana is so beautiful, you can't take your eyes of her. She is such a great dancer, you can't take your eyes of her. Snejana is americas best dancer.

    I just want to say that Snejana is the most wonderful dancer I\'ve ever seen. I live in Sweden and compete in ballroom and latindancing, and when I dance I try to be her. From the first time I saw Snejana dance I\'ve thought of her as my idole. She is my russian/american idole.