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Featuring a dynamic fusion of several alternative stylistic touchstones, Snow Patrol's compositions combine songwriting aptitude with guitar rock's sharpest strains. Originally from Northern Ireland, Gary Lightbody (vocals, guitar) and Mark McClelland (bass, keyboards) first got together in Dundee, Scotland, where they were studying, prior to the addition of…more


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  • Love this band!

    This band is definetly one of my all time favourite bands.They have really hit it big since Eyes Open but i've been with them since Songs For Polar bears. It's classic stuff, I love Gary Lightbodys voice so much, it has a really definitive quality to it which bring his amazing lyrics home.

    I always love their amazing use of heavy bass lines and repitition in their riffs, it sets an undertone in their songs, a kind of a trademark musical vibe I suppose! A brilliant example of this is Chocolate from Final Straw which consists almost soley of these riffs! all in all class band.moreless
  • Best band to come out of Ireland since......well, ever!

    Without a doubt, over the last 6-8 months, these guys have been No. 1 in my books.

    This is another band that sound brilliant live. Their Live performance DVD 'Live at Somerset House' is 70 minutes amazing music.

    As far as their albums go; I never really got into their first album 'Songs for Polarbears'. Their second album, 'When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up' has 2 or 3 songs which I grew fond of, but for me, their third album 'Final Straw' is where all the truly great songs are. The first 6 songs on this album are suberb, with amazing lyrics. One of these songs, 'Chocolate', is without a doubt my favourite Snow Patrol song across all their albums. With the lyrics and the way it's performed, the song fits together really well, and from the moment I heard it I loved it.

    Their final album, and latest, 'Eyes Open' has a great selection of both fast and slow songs. The song 'Chasing Cars' has probably been the biggest of the 4 singles to come from this album so far (soon to be 5 when 'Open Your Eyes' gets more playback across the Airwaves in the near future). The song has featured in a few different TV show series finales, and has really grown to be a crowd favourite from these well remembered TV drama scenes.

    It's been just over 8 months since the release of 'Eyes Open' so maybe within the next 6 months we'll hear word of a fifth album from this great Irish rock band. Until then, I certainly won't be getting sick of the old stuff :Pmoreless