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  • She is such a great actress!

    The only thing I have seen Sofia on are the Eloise movies, but I think she did an amazing job. She is just so adorable! I used to love the Eloise movies and I still watch them when they are on TV. They are great family movies and she does such a good job, they always make me laugh no matter how many times I've seen the movies. They picked the perfect girl to play Eloise and I think everyone would agree with me on that. Like said, she's just so adorable!

    Good job Sofia! You have a bright future ahead of you!
  • She started her carrer when she went to IMTA and snagged the part of Eloise.

    As a young actor, she went to IMTA and snagged the role of Eloise: Eloise at the Plaza, and Eloise at Christmastime, which are the only two I know of.I think she's very talented. But I haven't seen her in recent roles, but only because I haven't looked. Sge's good, so go see for yourself.