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    • Soleil: (about her large breasts as a pre-teen) I'm a very petite person, and it got to the point where my back started hurting. Going through a rapid development at that age can be really hard. It was hard because people would look at me and go, "Oh, it's Punky Boob-ster!" You know, you get the jokes. I finally decided to have a breast reduction, and I'm talking about it now because there may be people out there who are thinking about it and wondering if it's the right thing, and it's one of the best things I ever did.

    • Soleil: (about naming her second daughter Jagger Joseph Blue) I had no idea her name would create such controversy! For the record, she's named Jagger because we wanted a unisex name, Joseph after my godfather, and Blue because we loved it. Coming from a household of crazy names, this is normal for us!

    • Soleil: If people are still coming up to me when I'm 80 and saying "Hey, weren't you Punky?" I won't mind because it was such a huge inspiration in my life. The fact that people still come up to me and remember the show, and remember the impact that it had on's wonderful.

    • Soleil: I think that's one of the most important gifts we have in television - the ability to heal through laughter.

    • Soleil: Everything is strange in our world now, and that's definitely true in large part for my dad. But what he taught me-and this is switching gears just a little bit-is the importance of, I guess, seizing the day. It's a beautiful thing if you can find it, to be in the moment. It's a nice refuge from our reality that I try take sometimes-to free myself to dance, to love, you know, and leave all the scary stuff for tomorrow.

    • Soleil: You know, I just want to keep on making movies. This medium, this forum has been incredible for me. As a kid, especially a teenager, I took a camera with me everywhere I went and it was my diary. I shot my friends, holidays, dinners, breakfasts, any moment-hanging out in parking lots. I love, I love human beings, studying them.

    • Soleil: I feel like this business is sometimes a boxing ring... They try to knock you out in the different rounds, but you just have to rise up again.