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  • Trivia

    • In 1994, Sonia was one of 14 Guiding Light stars to appear on a special set of phone cards called "The Soap Connection Collection." The cards allowed fans of the show to hear interviews and behind the scenes info provided by the character who appeared on the card.

    • Sonia considers herself the black sheep of her family. Her two older sisters are professionals (a doctor and an engineer) but she choose to go into show business.

    • Sonia loves to travel. As a child she had visited France, England, Denmark, Spain, and Egypt with her family. She also lived in England for a time when she was eight years old.

    • While working on One Life to Live Sonia often said she was bothered by the way the directors were treated by the actors on the show. She felt that the actors should, "shut up and concentrate on what really mattered".

    • While in college, Sonia was approached by a photographer who told her she should get into modeling. Some time later, on her way to an interview with a modeling agency, Sonia gave the wrong address and ended up at an advertising agency instead. As a result, Sonia ended up being cast in her first commercial.

    • Sonia was married for one year to Robert Udet. The two met when he bumped into her car on the highway.

    • Sonia is on the staff of Upbeat Online magazine. She often writes a column called "Upbeat Wired".

    • In 1995, Sonia's Guiding Light character, "Lucy", was raped. Sonia says she was able to get through the tough scenes by reminding herself that she would know how to fight back if ever in the same situation.

    • Before landing the role of "Lucy Cooper" on Guiding Light, Sonia auditioned for the part of "Mindy Lewis" on the same show. The part eventually went to actress Ann Hamilton.

    • At the beginning of her career, Sonia considered giving up acting to become a pediatrician.

    • While in high school, Sonia was the captain of the tennis team, the president of the honor society, and a member of the band.

    • Sonia is 5'4" and has brown hair and green eyes.

    • Sonia's theater credits include:
      - A New York Minute
      - New
      - Desperate Hour
      - Filthy Talk
      - Senior Prom
      - Coffee
      - Stubborn Fool
      - The Glass Menagerie

    • Sonia has produced a number of films for Nite Owl Productions, including Pride and Loyalty and 'Revelations in the Wilderness. She is also Senior Vice President of the company.

    • Sonia enjoys skydiving, yoga, horseback riding, painting, and mountain climbing.

    • Sonia previously dated her Guiding Light co-star Monti Sharp.

    • Sonia has a "Bacon Number" of 2.
      She was in Intrepid with Robert Bauer,
      Robert was in The Big Picture with Kevin Bacon.

    • Sonia graduated from Rutgers with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

  • Quotes

    • Sonia Satra: I've always been a go-for-it kinda person. Being busy is how I like it. I generally like my life when things are crazy.

    • Sonia Satra: The turning point came at Halloween my junior year in high school, when I decided to dress as a hooker. I wore spandex and a leather jacket and everything. It was so opposite of what I was. If I could have freeze-framed the faces of the people in the hall.... that's probably when I realized how much I enjoy attention.

    • Sonia Satra: We didn't have a TV in our house when I was little, and once we got one, I wasn't allowed to watch it a lot. I didn't go to the movies too often. I guess I really shouldn't have become an actress.

    • Sonia Satra: Life is a series of realizations and endless possibilities, I want to reach a level in which I'm no longer anticipating the arrival of the next colossal wave, I'm just cleverly riding it in.